By Carrie Adams

[Editor’s Note:  Be advised, this post contains some explicit language.]

Jason Jaksetic, Spartan’s own Barn Beast, set out this year to redefine himself as an athlete.  In a recent profile about Jaksetic, he said, “I went to Kona, and I wanted to be a pro Ironman.  I got sick of it all.”  He was hitting what he calls “the reset button” on the overwhelming, on failure, and on pain as an athlete.

“We turn off pain and then give it a negative connotation.  Anything that is worth doing is going to hurt. Running away from pain is running away from physical, mental, and spiritual greatness.”

Jaksetic is no stranger to pain.  He recently competed in the Peak Race’s McNaughton 150.  McNaughton is an ultramarathon in Pittsfield, VT, where Jaksetic DNF’d at mile 55 of the 150 mile course.  As an endurance athlete, you come to expect bad racing days, it’s inevitable.  But to Jaksetic, what transpired at McNaughton was unexpected and he was silent about the event until now.  In a recent blog post on his own site,, he finally opened up and shared his feelings, his pain, and his outlook on a race that just didn’t go according to plan.

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