by Alexander Nicholas, Spartan Pro Team

Reebok Spartan Race Mexico pulled out all the stops for their first stadium race. This event was held in the famous Estadio Azteca, Mexico’s national soccer stadium, which seats over 100,000 people.

The race had over 8,000 participants, many first time Spartans and the energy was high! There were many teams and gyms from different areas all over Mexico that came out to participate for this epic event. The weather was excellent and the Mexican hospitality was abundant.

This course was carefully put together to have a careful balance of speed and strength to challenge all different types of racers. There were numerous heavy and challenging obstacles along with countless stadium steps and ramps to conquer. The high altitude also became an enormous obstacle for those not used to the elevation change. Obstacles were strategically spread out to avoid congestion while challenging racers at all skill levels.

Many of the obstacles were common ones I have seen in the USA like the rope climb, atlas stone carry, Hercules hoist, and sandbag carry, but there was some Mexican flare added to the course. The backwards crab crawl up an entire ramp was a less enjoyable addition along with a 25 pound jump rope that caused havoc among participants. The mini-soccer ball penalty kick into a tiny goal was extremely difficult. Most people missed and had to do the 30 burpee ritual as the penalty.

Along with myself, there were a few other participants representing the United States which included: Miguel Gimerillo, Isaiah Vidal, Chris Rutz, Alexander Nicholas, and Dave Huckle. These racers did not know what to expect considering it was the first stadium race and/or international Spartan Race for most of them. If history tells us anything about competition in this stadium, the USA does not win here, period.

Everyone had a blast in Mexico and USA took many of the top five spots on both the men’s and women’s side.  For women, Fabiola Corona, Alex Roudayna, Aleajandra Sormento finished in the top 3 while Andi Hardy from the United States finished 5th. Angel Quintero, Miguel Medina, myself finished top 3 while Chris Rutz and Isaiah Vidal took 4th and 5th respectively.

All in all, this event was official, professional, and extremely exciting. Anyone thinking of traveling to Mexico for a Spartan Race should not think twice. Spartan Race Mexico is an amazing experience!   Want to learn more about Spartan’s International Races?  Find out more HERE.

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Hunter McIntyre, PA Sprint 2013

By Hunter Garrahan McIntyre, Spartan Pro Team

As a Spartan pro team athlete, the great outdoors are a fundamental part of the training and success for any race that I compete in. I see far to many people that associate fitness with a membership at a the local gym. The old school brawny man methods are seemingly long gone and being replaced with group classes and rows of treadmills.  But it doesn’t require any machines or even four walls of a building to get fit, it just takes some creativity.

The truth of the matter is, all you need is a good pair of sneakers and open mind to make the outdoors the answer to all of your health club needs. I am currently writing this article after spending a few days at Spartan HQ where I had a first hand experience with backyard fitness! For starters running outside is a far better than what you would gain from using a treadmill, a more natural stride combined with the constant variation of terrain makes a strong all around runner.

Dumbbells and barbells can quickly be replaced with rocks, stumps and other heavy objects one might be able to find in your garage. Some of the strongest men and women in the world train with real world objects like atlas stones to set world records in more conventional strength training events.

Another great way to experience a good workout is yard work! As a said early I spent a few days at the Spartan “farm club” digging, lifting boulders and chopping wood. A few chores in the back yard done with the right intensity will burn up to or more calories than you could achieve on an elliptical. These movements will also prove build a much more functional and all around better performing athlete than more simple machine movements one might find inside your local gym.

In closing, if you want to get in shape anywhere you look can be a great start whether it be a gym or your back yard. And don’t

Hunter McIntyre, Mexico City 2013

forget the Spartan FREE Workouts of the Day (WOD). Delivered daily to your inbox, they are a great way to stay on top of your training. Sign up HERE.

Don’t be shy of climbing a tree or two in the process because making the world your play ground is what this experience is all about. Make it a goal to take on a new obstacle every day such as lifting a 200 boulder or raking up that stubborn pile of leaves that never seems to blow into the neighbor’s yard. Sure there may be a few cuts and bruises along the way but that’s all in the day of a life true Spartan.

Ready to find your Spartan finish line?  Sign up HERE today.

[Editor's Note: Hunter McIntyre, 24, is a member of the Spartan Pro Team.  This past weekend he took the top spot at the Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint held on July 13, 2013.  No stranger to the podium, it was a fantastic finish with a time of 41:53.  Congratulations, Hunter!]

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by Hunter McIntyre, Spartan Elite Athlete

The second Spartan Race In Mexico is this weekend, May 17, 18, and 19th in Mexico City. The ante has been raised with $10,000 in prize money, and Elite heat and a Super distance. I have been looking forward to getting back down south to see some of the hardest working Spartan enthusiast I’ve met to date! This could be the toughest Spartan venue in the world, racing at an elevation of more than 9000 feet, 9 miles of rugged terrain to cover and 25 gnarly obstacles. If you want a hint to how that might feel try running with a bag over head while running on a treadmill plus a few burpees every mile!  (Just kidding don’t ever try that!)

Making this even more exciting and challenging, I will not be the only one crossing the border for this epic race. Joining me are few other of the top US Elite wave racers. We will be running the Elite heat on Saturday. Scheduled to race on the trails are Miguel Medina, David Magida and Christopher ‘Tough Training’ Rutz charging against me for the gold. On the women’s side look for Andi Hardy and Margaret “Dirt in Your Skirt” Schlachter. They are both taking their first trip to a Mexico Spartan Race in hopes of taking the podium places from the local competition.

So what does this does Mexico Super Spartan at Valle de Bravo have to offer!? Besides the extreme venue and competitors there is a whopping cash prize 3500$ for the first place finisher, 1000$ for 2nd and 500$ for third. This will truly make the race a cut throat battle for those who can push themselves to limit during this challenging high altitude race. In addition to the US racers, the Mexican athletes have been training hard and will literally give some of the US racers a run for their money. Watch out for Hector Hernandez, a Crossfit coach at WODBOX Cancun, a Spartan Race official training center and Yusef Chalita. Yusef finished just behind me in the Mexico City Spartan Sprint in February.

I have to say I am truly excited to be racing in the Mexico Spartan Race series again, but I am not the only one who is hot to trot for this race. This race sold out within 72 hours of the registration date opening. There are so many participants that the race will be spread across three days.

Just a week away from the starting line I have my bags packed and my game face on! If anyone out there is brave enough to challenge the elites for a podium place I wish you the best of luck, see you all at the finish line!

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by Chris Rutz, Elite Spartan Athlete

Have you heard Spartan Race is going global?

On February 16 Spartan Race Mexico held their first event. It was also Spartan Race’s first international event of 2013. Mexico is the most recent addition to the international locations which include Canada, United Kingdom and Slovakia. This is just the start of Spartan Race’s global expansion, Australia is up next. This event also marked the highest elevation that a Spartan Race has been held; well over 8,000ft.

I was fortunate to attend the premiere event of Spartan Race Mexico and help bring the Spartan ethos to Mexico. As a seasoned Spartan Racer I had pretty high expectations for the event and venue. Spartan Race prides itself in their race course, organization and location. The race organization in Mexico exceeded my expectations on every level. Here is a recap of what was the same, better, and different.

Same race/different country-

  • Strong brand identity with familiar Spartan Race logos and check-in process
  • Challenging obstacles designed to capitalize on the terrain
  • AROO!!! is the same in any language
  • Race organizer passion about what they are doing
  • Over 7,000 racers introduced to Spartan Racing; they will never be the same

Go global, but act local-

  • Televisa, Mexican national TV, on site to cover the event
  • Mexican celebrities on hand competing against each other
  • The largest Jumbotron I have ever see at an outdoor venue simulcasting the obstacles for the spectators to see in real time
  • The Lucha Libre on hand at the start and as gladiators at the finish
  • More vendors and sponsors in a festival area than I have seen at any obstacle race
  • Finisher T-Shirts of a technical fabric with the race location
  • Finisher medals with race location, distance and year.


  • All waves open, elite waves to come at their next race
  • Festival challenges are being developed

Traveling to and from Mexico was easier than many of my journeys to the East Coast. The hospitality of everyone I encountered was extraordinary. I felt safe and secure during my entire journey.

Not only has Spartan Race gone global, but so have I. At this race I met many racers that have been following me on my Facebook Page, Tough Training, and on Twitter @ToughRutz. It was great to interact with followers who are as obsessed with this sport as I am. Will I be back to Mexico for a Spartan Race? Absolutely. I need to earn a Mexican Trifecta. Valle de Bravo is their next venue and it will be a Super Spartan. It too will be at a high elevation, so breathe deep if you come.  I hope to see you there.

Want to learn more about our list of international races?  Click HERE.


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by Carrie Adams

What’s better than a Spartan Race or a vacation?  A Spartan Race AND a vacation. February 16 and 17th 2013 Spartan Race is heading south of the border!   Spartan Race is proud to announce the inclusion of a Sprint event in Mexico City, Mexico!  The race will take place at an incredible horseback riding club called “Club Ecuestre Los Monteros” that boasts an altitude of 9200 ft.  Sequestered in in the middle of a lush forest surrounded by small rivers and mountains and is wide open and promises to provide a challenging Spartan battleground.

Because of the terrain and natural features, the location lends itself to ensuring that a primal feel takes over this international Spartan experience.  With “natural obstacles” other than man-made construction.  The terrain is covered by tree canopies and thick jungle features.  Not far from the city, yet removed enough to feel remote and peaceful it’s the perfect combination.

The location is close to Santa Fe, which is one of Mexico City’s major business districts. The district consists of universities, residential areas, hotels, shopping malls and local business buildings.

Additional locations are Valle de Bravo, a popular weekend getaway for many people who live in the city and like water sports. It’s a typical Mexican town surrounding a lovely lake, which makes it a perfect site for outdoor activities like a Spartan Race. Be on the lookout for more races in this area in 2013.

Spartan is excited to bring our race to Mexico, demand has been high, higher than any other international location!  Think about making your next trip south of the border a vacation with a Spartan twist!   It’s also just in time for Valentine’s Day, so bring the one you love for a romantic, muddy getaway!

Mexico City is the host of many races throughout the year so athletes will be excited to try out a different kind of race, which pushes them to their limits.   Head over and get registered TODAY!  

We’d like to thank our sponsors that we’ll be partnering with in Mexico City!

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