by Alexander Nicholas, Spartan Pro Team

Reebok Spartan Race Mexico pulled out all the stops for their first stadium race. This event was held in the famous Estadio Azteca, Mexico’s national soccer stadium, which seats over 100,000 people.

The race had over 8,000 participants, many first time Spartans and the energy was high! There were many teams and gyms from different areas all over Mexico that came out to participate for this epic event. The weather was excellent and the Mexican hospitality was abundant.

This course was carefully put together to have a careful balance of speed and strength to challenge all different types of racers. There were numerous heavy and challenging obstacles along with countless stadium steps and ramps to conquer. The high altitude also became an enormous obstacle for those not used to the elevation change. Obstacles were strategically spread out to avoid congestion while challenging racers at all skill levels.

Many of the obstacles were common ones I have seen in the USA like the rope climb, atlas stone carry, Hercules hoist, and sandbag carry, but there was some Mexican flare added to the course. The backwards crab crawl up an entire ramp was a less enjoyable addition along with a 25 pound jump rope that caused havoc among participants. The mini-soccer ball penalty kick into a tiny goal was extremely difficult. Most people missed and had to do the 30 burpee ritual as the penalty.

Along with myself, there were a few other participants representing the United States which included: Miguel Gimerillo, Isaiah Vidal, Chris Rutz, Alexander Nicholas, and Dave Huckle. These racers did not know what to expect considering it was the first stadium race and/or international Spartan Race for most of them. If history tells us anything about competition in this stadium, the USA does not win here, period.

Everyone had a blast in Mexico and USA took many of the top five spots on both the men’s and women’s side.  For women, Fabiola Corona, Alex Roudayna, Aleajandra Sormento finished in the top 3 while Andi Hardy from the United States finished 5th. Angel Quintero, Miguel Medina, myself finished top 3 while Chris Rutz and Isaiah Vidal took 4th and 5th respectively.

All in all, this event was official, professional, and extremely exciting. Anyone thinking of traveling to Mexico for a Spartan Race should not think twice. Spartan Race Mexico is an amazing experience!   Want to learn more about Spartan’s International Races?  Find out more HERE.

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