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Spartan Radio at was LIVE again Tuesday, October 18th at 10/9 PM CST.  The Radio show is taking on new dimensions of badassness.  Returning guest Todd Sedlak was LIVE from a training exercise on Fort Benning that consisted of two large forces using traditional and new technology to determine effectiveness in battle.  Very cool!  So part of his interview was in a Humvee and we did hear some live fire at one point.  LOUD was the order of the day.  (Everyone else was in their kitchens or basements, not nearly as badass, but we can’t all be Todd Sedlak.) 

Click on the button above to hear the mayhem! 

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July 10th we hit the air waves again to talk all things Spartan!  This show ended up longer than our normal show.  We talk about Utah and Hobie Call’s triumphant return, the Kids Race, the 2011 Death Race, and Carrie aka Shawty has officially joined the 2012 race and is looking to raise some serious money for some Chicked charities.  The Beast is coming up and the Spartan Chicks will be there in full force and with a UNIFORM that will be available for sale soon!  Katy McCabe, of Team Glamazon Death Race fame joined us for an impromptu interview and we even talked about the amazing Women’s World Cup soccer game today!  Big shout out to goalie Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Megan Rapinoe and the other ladies of the National Team – Congrats!

Spartan Race’s first blog about the event is also available HERE which outlines the event and challenges in more detail. The Death Race Episode from Hot Seat Media will go live July 16 at 8 PM EST. Visit for more details!

Listen to the amazing bloopers at the end of the show!

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by Maurya Scanlon MScanMy family lives in Virginia.  (How convenient) Going to this race was like a homecoming of epic proportions. I kid you not, folks. Add my excitement over running another Spartan Race with getting good daughter points for visiting my parents on Father’s Day Weekend, and that equals the happiest MScan ever in the world. And a very happy DadScan.  We talk about the VA race and new champion Quentin Leadbeter on our most recent Spartan Radio Broadcast!  Check it out!  (It’s available on iTunes too… search Spartan Radio)  We also talk Toronto, Death Race, and random humor courtesy of Shawty, Jim and me.

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Update: Hobie Call has decided to withdraw from the Virginia race to focus on his Death Race training.  June 24th is getting close.  Stay tuned for more on the Death Race!

So, Spartan Radio kicked off today!  MScan aka Maurya and Shawty aka Carrie spent some time talking with Average Guy Jim Collison about the recent New York Spartan Race, the upcoming Virginia Race on June 18th, the Death Race on June 24th and even some helpful nutrition before races!

The Spartan WOD (Workouts of the Day) were mentioned – sign up to have it delivered straight to your inbox and be sure to check out our Spartan TV channel –  If you think you have a good story and you are racing in Virginia – email and you might make the cut in our next video!

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Tuxedo Pictures are out -

June 4th – Day One

June 5th – Day Two

Here is the link if you want to just download the podcast:

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by Maurya Scanlon

Spartan Tweeter Maven MScan had her first Spartan Race Encounter at the Tuxedo, NY event on June 4, 2011.  She shares her story and race report.  Once the swelling goes down and the bruises heal, we expect she’ll be ready for another.  We hear she’s taking on The Beast, in Vermont.

I am now officially a Spartan.


MScan and Steve Vanderbilt

I’ve spent so much time tweeting about Spartan Race and promoting the race, that I figured I should run one and actually join Spartan Nation. Going into it I knew what to expect, because of my relationship and affiliation with the company. I knew the obstacles that Spartan Race is famous for, and I knew that Hobie Call would absolutely cream the competition (which he did). What I did NOT know however, is that Spartan Race adapts itself very well to the different venues. The course was designed to use the landscape in the best way possible to  clobber the racers.  I’ll show you pictures of my knees to prove it.  Seriously, it’s gross.

There was no easing into this monster race.  It began with the steepest hill known to mankind (or so I thought at the time). To put it in perspective, we were running UP a ski slope.

I said to myself “MScan, take it easy, you’ve got a ways to go after you climb this hill.” A light jog did the trick. I got through the first couple of obstacles, over-under-through walls, monkey bars, etc. with a little difficulty but I was enjoying every minute of it.   Then it appeared in front of me…. the eight foot wall.   We were expected to hoist ourselves over this behemoth wall with only one foothold maybe three feet off the ground to help. I’m 5’3 ½” on a good day. It took two people and one near-death experience to get me over that wall, but I did it and then I took off running to catch the big, muscley men who beat me through the obstacle.

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by Carrie Adams and Maurya Scanlon


Shawty Spartan

Listen up!! BREAKING NEWS!  Shawty and MScan are going to be invading the airwaves (and your smart phones) once a week with ALL things Spartan!  LIVE! Spartan Nation – this will be your weekly fix of Spartan news, interviews, highlights, stories, and what’s coming down the pipeline!  The Average Guy Podcaster Jim Collison helps us kick off our inaugural show that we’ll be posting later this weekend that included all the deets so you can get connected and stay that way!

So, let’s be honest, we’re chicks and we have sooo much to talk about…


And talking is way easier than typing when our arms aren’t working after the WOD’s we feature.  On our first show we talk about the WOD 30 Day Challenge featuring Jason Jaksetic the Barn Beast and Carrie Adams Shawty Spartan that’s gaining some serious momentum and leaving a path of blood, sweat, and tears (maybe a little puke) as it moves into day 11.  We fight the urge to do burpees just thinking about it!  The movement inspired MScan to join and to “Spartan Up” so she can run the Beast in August and a marathon in December – both events with Shawty by her side.  She is an example of our “Get Spartan Chicked” movement that we highlight every Tuesday!

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By Carrie Adams

MScanIt’s Spartan Chicked Tuesday!  So, today is all about the ladies!  By now you’ve all been following our WOD Challenge.  Barn Beast and Shawty are hitting the workouts hard and sharing their experiences each night along with our WOD.  Well, our newest Spartan Maurya Scanlon aka MScan is joining the action!  Inspired by our recent “Get Spartan Chicked” movement, MScan is joining Shawty in her quest for eternal female badassness (pssst – ladies, you should too!)  Check out our newest video: Women Winning for inspiration!

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