Spoils of Victory

by Museum Replicas

Editors Note:  As we get ready for Conyers, GA tomorrow we’d like to give you this message from  Museum Replicas, who produces finisher awards for us!  Because of them our awards are the most incredible out of any race.  See you at the finish line!


Congratulations champion! You’re about to embark on the March 10th Georgia Spartan Sprint! And once you’ve finished the race and earned your victory medal, make the most of it with Museum Replicas.

For a limited time, any Spartan race participant who brings in their victory medal will get a special 10% discount on their choice of purchases. From helmets, to swords, knives, tomahawks and anything in between, the choice is yours! You just finished the incredibly challenging Spartan Sprint, treat yourself like a true warrior and save money doing it! Medal discount is valid until March 31st.

To victory!

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by Carrie Adams

museum replicasEach race brings new challengers and champions and we want you to know a little bit about them.  Presented by our amazing awards partner, Museum Replicas, we will profile them for you after each race!  

Meet the Spartan Top Three Finishing Males and Females of Miami!


It’s no surprise Hobie Call took the top spot once again in Miami! 

Top 3 Males1st Place Male
Full Name:
Hobie Call Occupation: HVAC Installer
Official Time: 1:08:27 Bib #: 1
From: Erda, UT
Age: 34
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? I have no good reason not to. :)
How do you train for Spartan Races? The way you’re supposed to
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: I’m married w/ 5 kids. Here’s my response….”Ummm”…. So I ask my wife. She says… “Ummm”… “Ummm”…

Shout Outs: Joe DeSena for creating such a marvelous race, Pines Wheatgrass for helping to keep me healthy, and my wife Irene for helping to keep me sane.

miami 2nd place mens2nd Place Male
Full Name:
Leif Kohler Occupation: Firefighter
Official Time: 1:09:40 Bib #: 2207
From: Haiku, HI
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 165 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? Its raw pain and I want to take Hobie down!
How do you train for Spartan Races? Running mountains, rock climbing, and firefighter training
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Grew up on Maui, Hawaii and went to University of Washington for Civil Engineering. I enjoy skydiving & naked bungee jumping from time to time.
Shout Outs: Wife Kristin (later inserted a carrot and the word gorgeous before “wife”). Mom the nutritionist, Dad the bad-ass and my bro Hans the Beast!

SPARTAN RACE WINNERS- For the Spartan Wall of Champions
FL 2/25/12 – Super Spartan

miami 3rd place mens3rd Place Male
Full Name:
Daniel Martin Occupation: Ocean Rescue Lifeguard
Official Time: 1:10:45 Bib #: 292
From: Miami, FL
Age: 28
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 147 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? To beat Hobie and it’s Fun!
How do you train for Spartan Races? Just running a lot and some pull-ups and push-ups
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: I got 2nd last year. I’ve been running since I was 12. I was born and raised in Miami!

Shout Outs: Thank you to my parents for support and also to my beautiful girlfriend.

miami 1st place female1st Place Female
Full Name:
Amanda Czapla Occupation: Profession Asskicker J . Legal secretary, volunteer, student personal trainer
Official Time: 1:34:11 Bib #: 113
From: Houston, TX
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 112 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? It’s fun and to give the boys a run for their money. Plus I love the challenges.
How do you train for Spartan Races?
I run.

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Native Houstonian, ex gymnast, competitive runner and I don’t know how to swim.

Shout Outs: Sally Spooner. She beat me last year by 30 seconds. Kurtis Morgan, Michael Wallace, and my new friend Angela Bronco, thanks for the competition. Oh and Daniel for “thinking” he was going to dominate and Omar. Good luck! Kick ass and take names.

SPARTAN RACE WINNERS- For the Spartan Wall of Champions
FL 2/25/12 – Super Spartan

Top 3 Females2nd Place Female
Full Name:
Angela Bronco Occupation: Firefighter
Official Time: 1:35:28 Bib #: 72
Deerfield Beach, FL
Age: 36
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 136 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? For fun, challenging
How do you train for Spartan Races? Triathlons, CrossFit, firefighter combat challenge.

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Married to Lee Bronco, competing in triathlons for 13 years, started CrossFit, and I compete in firefighter combat challenge.
Shout Outs: Thank you God, thanks to my wonderful husband, all my triathlete competitors, and my sponsor Ride Backwards!miami 3rd place female

3rd Place Female
Full Name
: Courtney Kistler Occupation: Freelance Writer
Official Time: 1:36:15 Bib #: 244
Toledo, OH
Age: 31
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 136 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? Fun
How do you train for Spartan Races?
Run, pushups

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Live in NYC, like to get muddy. I’m single, boys J

Shout Outs: Margaret Dillon, Hal Miller

Keep track of Current 2012 Points and 2012 Spartan Race Results!  See you in Georgia!

Top 3 Males-Females (2)

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by Carrie Adams

292020_10150321055656861_251061411860_8578010_1103257408_nApparently, MUD is the order of the season when it comes to Spartan Race and it came in mass quantities at our Chicago Spartan Sprint at Insane Terrain Park in Marseilles, IL.  With a night Hurricane Heat Friday the 4th and a full day of over 4,000 runners Saturday October 15th complete with PINK touches for Chicagoland Susan G. Komen, the course was rocking and the runners were rolling (in mud)! 

The Hurricane Heat hit new levels of insanity for our 100 participants. Joined by Spartan Race founders Joe D, Andy Weinberg, Mike Morris and staffers Shonda Morris, myself and Tom McCormack we faced obstacles, team challenges and memorization in the chilly, cold, and wet Illinois night. 

Race day went off without a hitch and the nine time champion Hobie Call, 34, took top300005_10150321053786861_251061411860_8577958_380661340_n spot with a time of 40:47.  He was followed by Brakken Kraker, 24 with a time of 44:45, and Elliot Megquier, 23 rounded out the top three with an impressive 46:20 time.  On the women’s side, Erin Fort, 30 finished in 1:04 for first place and Trese McNinch, 29 took second place with a time of 1:06:59 and Lynn Lena, 40 finished third with a 1:10:43 final time.  Here is a link to complete unofficial results.  Official are being finalized now.  http://www.j-chipusa.com/results.php?eventid=8372&p=

320237_10150321051706861_251061411860_8577899_1093167056_nThe course boasted gnarly, technical hills and thick mud from recent rains.  The barbed wire crawl that was split by an 8 foot wall and rope climb pit were unique elements from our RD Mike Morris and Course Designer Russell Cohen.  Natural features of the course included several moats, single tracks, and of course the MUD.  Thick, sticky, and heavy, the mud claimed many a shoe and even a few pairs of pants on race day.  318684_10150321056436861_251061411860_8578031_1107850978_nHot food included TWO roasted pigs, and there was plenty of beer on hand for racers and fans. 

The Midwest introduced us to some brand new kinds of muddy bliss!  Positioned near the spectators was the slippery wall and spear throw, one of our more popular obstacles.  (Tip: Think large dart when you throw our homemade spears.)  Spectators were able to take on a Spartan time trial including walls, spear throwing of their own and the kids had a rad course that took them through the showers before chucking pink balloons at our pugil wielding Spartan Gladiator!  

315809_10150321052891861_251061411860_8577935_964297301_nPink was a common theme of the day, featured pink obstacles, merchandise, and even an 11:30 survivor’s heat of Breast Cancer survivors with donated pink gloves and pink hairspray.  Even the event medals were unique – our traditional Spartan red medal encircled with a pink ribbon in recognition of Breast Cancer awareness month and Chicagoland Susan G. Komen.  Check out our FB event pictures!  Click HERE.  And NO worries!  Nuvision Action Image will have the official images up for grabs in just a few days so get ready! 

For our first time in the Midwest, we sure had a great time!   If you missed your chance317563_10150321050436861_251061411860_8577870_511351172_n to get some Spartan Gear, head over to our online store and order something to wear proudly after your amazing finishes on Saturday!

A big thanks to our volunteers for their help on race day with all the details!  Many more stories about our amazing event in Staten Island, including a wrap-up on Spartan Radio Tuesday night at 10PM/9PM Central time.  From everyone at Spartan Race, we would just want to 300609_10150321055516861_251061411860_8578004_301205851_nTHANK our athletes and their family and friends for coming out to spend the day with Spartan Race.  We can’t wait to be back in the Midwest in 2012… but for a SUPER Spartan next time! 

Want to know what it feels like to call yourself a Spartan?  Get registered.  You’ll know at the finish line.


Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who helped make the Midwest fantastic!  Air National Guard, Reebok, Powerade, Zanfel, Monster, Museum Replicas! 

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