Pick a word, any word.

What does it mean to you?

What motivates you?

There must be no less than a dozen reasons every day for you to give up on your goals. You must have a list of excuses for why you needed a break, how it was someone else’s fault, you really had to take that day off.  You have injuries, work obligations, kids, homework, sicknesses, snow, rain, sleet, hail… The list goes on and on.

We all have reasons we could use to quit or to never start.

But the thing is, the excuses are just words.  You give them meaning when you give in to them.  When you choose to accept that they have worth or validity.   Find new words to replace the excuses.  You give them power that way.  Take the power back.  It’s time for you to rise above the excuses.  It’s time for you to Spartan Up.


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