by Shane McKay

My name is Shane McKay and I’m a Spartan.  My Spartan adventure started in August 2011 in Calgary, Alberta. Later that year I decided to take a short holiday and I competed in a second Spartan Race in Malibu…and then I was hooked! Over the next 12 months I competed at 16 venues and raced 18 times. Through racing I have met so many great people and formed solid friendships that will last forever.

I train 6 days per week including swimming, biking, running, stretching and CrossFit. I maintain a healthy diet, mostly Paleo, however I enjoy a burger, fries and a beer from time to time. I never feel guilty about it! I’m a disciplined business owner and a disciplined athlete. I have found the perfect balance (for me) with work, training, and relaxation. I’m always looking forward to the next Spartan weekend!


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