by Brian Ansley

Paul Mud 1Paul Faust’s legs were drained and he was using every muscle in his body to move through the sludge beneath the barb wire.  60 burpees just before the crawl left his legs on fire and his breath caught in his chest.  Crouching low, he moved beneath the jagged wire careful not to get caught up on the sharp points.  At about a third of the way through the taxing obstacle he pulled his head up above the mud and saw an end to the misery. Spartan brothers and sisters to his left and right were giving each other words of encouragement giving him the inspiration he needed to edge towards the finish.  It didn’t matter at this point that the rocks were scraping his legs because he had made it to the end.

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186218_527643487_6512450_nEditor’s Note: Inspired by Paul Faust’s hilarious “Ways I  know I’m hooked on Spartan Races” series, Spartan Race is having a contest to find out from YOU why you feel the same way!  Submit them to and if you’re is chosen it could earn you a free race entry to an upcoming Spartan Race AND on a cool new t-shirt!  Submit by July 10th to make the cut!

Our newest blogger Brian sat down and picked Paul’s brain, a place we wouldn’t recommend anyone go near alone or at night….

by Brian Ansley

Paul’s newest gems:

When my dog sits next to me….instead of petting her…I use her to do curls and triceps exercises

When I’m at the playground with my 6 year old…all the parents stare at me as I race up and down the cargo net

I bought Pugil sticks and make my kids try to get past me on their way to bed

When I hit a single in a softball game and instead of running to first….I get as low as possible and crawl around the bases.

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by Paul Faust, Spartan Racer

Paul Faust, Tuxedo, NY 2011

1. Every time I take my dog for a walk…I carry a large boulder with me.

2. When it starts to pour out…I grab my sneakers and head out for a run.

3. When I was at a party in a basement…whenever nobody was looking…I ran up and

down the stairs.

4. I had a barbeque this weekend and kept staring at the grill…trying to decide whether or not I should try to jump over it.

5. I suddenly find myself very attracted to women covered in mud.

6. When I look in my backyard… I now see every wall, rock, log, and swing set as an

obstacle that must be tackled.

7. I spend more time recruiting people for races than working.

8. I now look for hills to run instead of trying to avoid them.

9. I have a a sudden and inexplicable fascination with climbing over, under, around or through barbed wire (a good way to get arrested).

10. I asked my wife if I should buy a separate washing machine for my race clothes and she said yes.