Ah yes, it’s that time of year again, the infamous Spartan Death Race is almost here!  Athletes have been arriving in the sleepy town of Pittsfield already and congregating at the Pittsfield General Store to mingle, to speculate, and to prepare last minute items for the unknown trek ahead.  The Death Race begins today, June 21… or does it!?  Only Joe D and Andy know for sure.  The stories of past Death Races are infamous – diving for pennies, eating onions, extracting stumps from the ground, carrying kayaks and tires for an ultra-distance, lifting rocks for six hours, chopping wood for five hours, completing 3,000 burpees… the list goes on. No one can confirm what will be included in this year’s race but that doesn’t keep anyone from trying.

Each year has a theme.  Last year was betrayal, the year before was religion.  This year, we are being introduced to the Year of the Gambler, and that includes precious poker chips for the players, some of which are already being handed out.  No one knows what these chips will be used for or what the competitors could cash them in for.

Tasks for Chips

The gear list is also infamous, among other items, this year the competitors have been instructed to bring a tuxedo, 5 lbs of hay, a Life Jacket, $5.00 in quarters, and a pound of grass seed.  What will the gear be used for?  No one knows, though that doesn’t deter everyone from taking their best guess.

The field is really competitive but it is more of a tight knit community of friends than a community of rivals.  At Spartan HQ we expect a lot of heroics among the unimaginable that lies ahead in the coming days.  Joe D said, “We have to step it up each year!  It doesn’t matter what we throw at them, they keep coming back for more.  They step it up, and we step it up.  This year, we stepped it way up.”

Rumors are running rampant and tasks being leaked with the potential for claiming chips already.  There was even a secret meeting filmed at the General Store…

Who will be left standing when it all ends?  We’ll know soon…

How to stay informed

Follow the hashtag!  #PeakDR will keep you looped in on all things Death Race online – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and OFFICIAL Spartan Death Race updates can be found HERE.  http://www.vermontsoriginalstore.com/pittsfieldrace.html and daily updates on stats will be provided on the Spartan FB page as well.

Other resources: 

Are you a spectator in Pittsfield?  Find a ton of Spectator Resources HERE.

Official Death Race t-shirts can be found HERE, you have to look the part, right?

Stay tuned for all things #PeakDR to see who can survive the Spartan Death Race!

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