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How To Perform Push-ups Presented By:

In order to become a better obstacle racer we need to continually push ourselves and focus on building all the muscles in our bodies. Remember In Spartan Race, you are testing not only your ability to run through a course but to conquer all the obstacles as well. This week we are focusing on our chest muscles and our triceps as we start working on the push-up exercise. The stronger we become overall, the easier the obstacles you face in a race will be. Perfecting the push-up will allow you to execute those chest-to-ground burpees, flawlessly. Hopefully, in building your strength up you will eventually develop obstacle immunity and no longer need to do burpees. To do that let’s take a look at what it takes to execute a proper push-up exercise.

push-up, push up, push-ups, push ups, pushup, pushups Remember by building our strength we are setting ourselves up to be more successful at completing all the obstacles a Spartan Race will throw your way, whether it be a 6′,7′, or 8′ foot wall, the Bucket Brigade, or even the rope climb. Working to develop an overall fitness plan is the first step to obstacle immunity. By incorporating push-ups into the training mix you will begin to develop your chest and triceps even further bringing you one step closer to a burpee free race. Now drop down and give me 30 clean push-ups and get after it Spartan! AROO!!!

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