Particularly around the holidays, we really get into food extravagance.  Extreme acts of desserts happen more than extreme bouts of exercising.  Equations of fitness we have been working into our bodies throughout the year unravel with smells from the kitchen.  Rapid caloric ingestions far outweighing our caloric expenditures happen, and hapen on many consecutive days. Bad choices are made about the carbs and fats we hook up with, and we take walks of shame towards our workout the next day.

You are going to have to work to get those bad calories back.  You are also going to need to clear your system that you  just gunked up.

If you do extremely complex foods (processed desserts), try extremely simple foods (raw foods) for a change.

Once a week a Spartans should get in touch with their primitive eating instinct, and simply enjoy the deliciousness of eating only raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts for a day.  ‘

If you want to go next-level, don’t even mix your raw food.  In fact, put three hours between each one type of raw food you choose to consume, and the next raw food you choose to consume, so that you don’t cross them, even in your stomachs.

Sounds extreme, right?  You run through fire, crawl under barbed wire, carry heavy objects around mountains…you are freaked out about eating as much as you want all day, as long as you just make sure it is raw whole goodness? Better fuel comes from fewer ingredients.  Processed food products are the worst kind of fuel.  Raw food ingredients are the best. Therefore more processing of products equals worse products.

One ingredient is the best ingredient.  It goes down hill from there, as soon as you start mixing and matching, and then doing various eat processes (cooking) as well. If you want to eat avocados, eat as much as you want, just only eat avocados – eat 2lbs of avocados, go till your full.  Then, wait 3 hours before you eat 2 lbs of cashews.

This is what we did with Chris Davis and Danny Rodriguez, collectively loosing over 300 pounds here at Spartan HQ.

They did it for weeks at a time to really get the benefits, but you can get benefits just by trying this kind of diet once a week. More than anything, use it as an opportunity to reflect carefully about your food choices, and really experience them first hand. To learn that humans were made and evolved to eat foods, not food products.  More nutritional advice can be found by signing up to our Food Of The Day.

What do you have to lose?  Weight?  Try raw food.

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by Rose-Marie Jarry

A tasty idea for a raw vegan meal.  Perfect on the go, for lunch, or as a nice sit down meal.

You might want to start eating a lot more raw stuff when you can; this will help you bring down your acidity level in your body. Doing so also helps eliminate waste that build up in your body when you train or eat an unhealthy diet.


Blend the ginger, green beans and mango together. Add the sea salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Soak the rice paper 30 seconds in warm water 1 sheet at a time. Then they will be ready to roll.

Lay the rice sheet flat out on the counter, place a Nori sheet over it and add two tablespoons of the bean mix into the Nori and rice sheet. Keep the side of the sheets clear – if you don’t do this, the mix will overflow when you roll it.

On top of the mix, add a bundle of organic sprouts, pumpkin seeds tinny carrots, 1 piece of avocado and 1-2 leaves of fresh endives.

Start rolling the sheets. Once they are nicely rolled, give yourself a couple minutes before eating so the rice sheet will hold together better and stay in 1 piece. If you want to keep for next day, wrap it in plastic wrap and keep in fridge.

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