One Spartan Chick tells her amazing story of leaving one broken life for a new one. Baptized in mud, she proved to herself that she couldn’t be broken. Here’s her story…

End and a Beginning

Early last summer my 14 year marriage ended. Over the past 10 months I have struggled to regain some sense of normalcy as I developed a new identity rooted in my own desires; for the first time out from under control and power of a man. After three unsuccessful suicide attempts and two hospitalizations I decided I want to live…but I needed a new beginning.

The Breakthrough

My breakthrough came in the form of a text message from my ex-husband and comments from his supporters who all accused me of abandoning my marital commitments for the “cult of fitness.” I wondered how a hobby I developed in my thirties to increase my physical well being could be such a bad thing. In fact, somewhere in my many trail runs and weight lifting sessions I found more than physical strength. I found I had the emotional strength I needed to survive my divorce and come out happy on the other side.

I decided to commit myself to my fitness goals…and what better way than “marrying” them? When I ran my idea by the wonderful ladies on my team they jumped on board eagerly and picked up rainbow tutus so they could be my bridal party. Every obstacle we conquered together at this Spartan Sprint put me one muddy step closer to starting my new life. In the end, trashing my wedding dress was cathartic and a load of fun. I thank all the folks along the trail who cheered me on and my wonderful teammates,as well as some other behind the scenes supporters who have become my moon and stars, providing light in my darkest hours.  Arooooo!

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