The Reebok Spartan Race at Citi Field continues a new program with some of the best Spartan Racers in the sport of obstacle racing. It is called the Reebok Spartan Race Invite Series. We asked our top racers to invite someone to run a Spartan Race with them. A top Spartan Racer will host someone they have been trying to push into Spartan Racing. It may be their best friend, their wife, their son, their coach or anyone who can coerce and invitation out of them. It just has to be someone that has never challenged a Spartan Race before.

For the Citi Field Sprint, Rick Kraics  asked his wife Bridget to join him in a Spartan Race. Rick finished the 2012 Spartan Race Points Series in 12th Place overall.

We asked Bridget a few questions about Rick and Spartan Racing:

How do you know Rick?

The Spartan Racer who invited me is my husband of 10 years, Rick Kraics. I knew him long before he became the athlete he is today. I trust that if he thinks I can do it, I can do it.

What is your athletic background?

I am no athlete, at least no Spartan athlete. I grew up taking dance and gymnastics. I was also a cheerleader for a couple years in high school. I’ve completed a few fun runs but my longest race ever was a 10k with my life-long best friends on St. Patrick’s Day 2012. It was tough but we had really cute matching t-shirts so it was worth it! I didn’t come in last place, but it was really close. In fact, Rick had to tell our kids to stop napping on the sidewalk so they wouldn’t miss me as I crossed the finish line. Like I said, I’m no athlete but this past September I did join a gym. I go to spin & zumba classes a few times a week now.

Why did you say yes when you were invited to race?

I said yes to make my kids and husband proud of me. Rick had already registered our kids, Kaitlyn and Ryan, for the Spartan Kids Race at Citi Field and they already convinced my step-sister, Christine to race also. She was getting nervous and thinking about backing out so she and I decided to create a team, #sistasfromanothamotha, and do it together. So, really I am doing it for all of them. On race day it may become about finishing for me, but saying yes was about being a good Spartan wife, mom and sister.

What are you most excited about?

I’m more nervous than excited. Maybe it’s nervous excitement? Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. I’m not a quitter though and I’m excited to cross the finish line. Rick won’t be the only Spartan in our house for much longer!

What are you most worried about?

I’m worried about burpees! I’m also worried I won’t finish in time to see my kids compete in the Spartan Kid’s Race. The fear of missing my kids’ race is going to motivate me to finish as quickly as possible or collapse trying.

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