by Nathalia Teixeira, guest blogger

In May of 2012, I was kept awake by extreme depression and  despair.  I looked myself in the mirror and was disgusted with what I saw. I knew that this would have to be the day that I changed my life for good. May 31 was the last time I ever told myself, “I’m going on a diet.”  That moment was when I decided to publicly go on a weight loss journey and I would never be the same again.

I can’t really say why this time was different than the other thousand times I’ve promised myself I would change, but it was. From that day forward, I bettered my life. I immediately cut out sweets, sugar, and other fatty foods. I started eating clean, healthy, and began exercising.  I came to the conclusion that losing weight was eating less and exercising more.  There was no easy, magic pill. I would have to do this all on my own.

I started out by going to Zumba. I couldn’t dance to half a song, but I pushed myself to continue. In these past several months, both my goal and my mindset changed. I started out with the idea of losing a hundred pounds and being skinny. However, upon signing up onto the social networking mobile app, Instragram, and following amazingly fit and healthy women, I changed my goals yet again. I decided I didn’t want to just lose weight but I wanted to be strong, healthy, and fit. I created a blog to document everything I ate, all my new workouts and sports I did.

At the age of 25, I was 250 pounds. That’s not where I wanted to be. To date, I have lost 71 pounds, but I still have 28 to go to set my goal. I stand currently at 177 pounds. But my journey doesn’t stop there. I am embarking on a new challenge in my life called, “From Obese to Spartan.” As a mother of two, with a job in a Manhattan office, life gets hectic at times, making it easy to get too comfortable and balloon up again. Therefore, I knew I needed a solid task to prepare myself for, to motivate myself to keep going. I was never an athlete, never ran a day in my life. But this past January, I signed myself up for the Reebok Super Spartan Race taking place in Virginia in September; the 8 mile and 15 obstacle challenge that I have in fact been looking for. Once I signed myself up, I knew this was no joking matter and I’ve been preparing myself. I run every morning before work and I weight train at night after work, 6 times a week!

What I’m trying to say is, no matter who you are, no matter where you’ve come from, when you really want a change in your life, you do anything and everything to achieve it. Being morbidly obese at 25, I had no energy. I was at a dead-end. I couldn’t even play with my kids. Nine months have passed and now at 26 and 71 pounds lighter, I know I’ve changed my life for the better. I went from being a couch potato to a determined and future Spartan.

Anything is possible.  Sign up and join me in Leesburg.  

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