It has been a week since the Vermont Championship Beast. Arguably the hardest Spartan Race this side of the Ultra Beast. We had a chance to catch up with some of the Pro Team to get their feedback on the race. Despite their toughness, training and experience, they suffer the same mental and physical challenges along the course. Here is some of what they shared with us.

Elliott Megquier, who has completed more Spartan Races this year than any other Pro Team athlete, shared his thoughts.

“It was about of mental and physical toughness. It was not about who was the fastest runner (a two time NYC Marathon Champion quit), not about hype. It was about determination and plugging away. I was discourage after doing 30 burpees for the spear and then for the Tarzan swing. But I brushed it aside and ran through cramping.”

Jenny Tobin, finished in 4th place and was the ProTeam’s top placing women.

“I had three goals: goal C was to finish, goal B be in the top 10 and goal A be in the top 5. I felt like I could at least accomplish my C goal but I had thought that in Vegas too and did not finish…Anyway, I lined up a few rows back and started very slowly not knowing how I would feel and knew it would be a long day so no sense in going anaerobic from the get go.” She went on to say, “The obstacles were tough but the mountain seemed like the biggest obstacle. I also felt like there were as not as many obstacles as the year before other than the mountain this year, however, the killer obstacle was the 60 lb sand bag carry straight up hill and down that seemed to go on forever!!! I would have liked to have seen Morgan Arritola carry that thing being that she probably doesn’t even weigh a 100 lbs.”

Ang Reynolds, one of the most experienced Spartan Pro Team women on the course had her own finishing doubts along the way.

“Coming back down that mountain I rolled my ankle on a rock under some grass. I went down, picked myself back up, and made the decision to walk off the course. At this point, I realized my will to finish could not supersede my lack of training. I was completely spent. I limped down the mountain and finally caught sight of my fiancé. I told him I
was going to quit. I told him that it was the smartest thing I could do at that time to avoid further injury. He looked at me and said, “Well, let’s make sure. Why don’t you pick up that sandbag and start climbing while you think?” I grabbed the sandbag and headed back up the mountain. I have since heard that those sandbags were between 65-75 pounds, more than my 7-year-old son, and well over half of my body weight. That wasn’t very fun.

Miguel Medina, who has seen the podium many times this year, most recently at the NorCal Beast had his own personal triumph on the race course.

“Dealing with an injury less than halfway through the race hampered my efforts and shattered any hopes of achieving a top finish, at this point the race was completely mental; finish…adapt or die. I refused to be beaten by this beast, regardless of my placement I was going to finish this race, and I reject the idea of quitting so almost 6 hours later, it was all over…beat up, tired, weak and weary…but not defeated.” and “Adversity tests our will and asks us to do more, so I’m answering the call…next year The Beast won’t know what hit it.

Cody Moat, last years winner and this years 4th place man almost DNF’d. Here is what went through his head at that point and how he came back to finish strong. After a failed attempt at the Tarzan swim

“Half way through my burpees my legs began to cramp. Instead of the burpees taking 2 minutes they took around 3 minutes. I knew at this point that it would be hard to regain the lead but I thought perhaps there was still a chance. So I took off again and only made it 200 meters and my leg really cramped. I sat there on the ground while Matt Murphy ran by. I didn’t know what to do, I’d never had a cramp that bad. So I began hobbling back to a DNF when I decided that I was going to find a way to make my cramped quad bend. So I pushed down on the ground as hard as I could to make my knee bend and it finally bent and released the cramp. By this time Matt had probably gained 5 minutes on me so I knew that it would be tough to catch up with anyone ahead of me. So off I went through the woods but I couldn’t really get going again because I knew any minute my cramp may return. After about 2 more miles of running I had worked out my cramped muscles but there was no catching anyone up ahead so I finished the race in 4th place.”

Christopher Rutz, the Tough Training guy and the oldest man on the Pro Team hit a huge obstacle at the Tyrolean Traverse.

“Coming into the Tyrolean Traverse I was in a good position in the course. So I aggressively decided to traverse under the rope. In hindsight, this was a big mistake for me at this point in the race. I should have been more conservative and used the ‘on the top’ approach. I attempt the traverse 3 times, and each time I failed. Once trying on the top, but without a shirt the impact of rope burn on my chest was unpalatable. Pumping out thirty burpees after each attempt really zapped my strength, but not my spirit. I was determined to finish the race despite the impact this would have on my time and placement. You can be sure I will have revenge on the Traverse and The Beast next year.”

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by Alexander Nicholas, Spartan Pro Team
Spartan Race kicks off it’s new season with a highly popular stadium race! Many racers are coming off a grueling weekend in VT where the Spartan Race World Championships were held, but that won’t stop the tough competition in Philly.

Citizen’s Bank Park offers new and challenging obstacles for those not familiar with the expanding stadium series of races Spartan is offering this season. Citizens Bank holds up to 43,647 people for any given sporting event. Over 50,00 square feet of this facility will be used to torture Spartan racers with numerous obstacles and countless stadium steps.

Aussie Matt Murphy

Alex Nicholas, Dave Magida, and Elliot Megquier will be representing the Spartan Race Pro Team along with the most improved elite racer of the season, Kevin Donoghue. Matt Murphy, Australia’s leading obstacle racer, who recently took 2nd place in the Spartan Race World Championships will be also be testing his stadium skills in the epic showdown. The women’s side will have loads of competition. Look out for Pro Team member Andi Hardy as well as Shaun Provost- who will be defending her stadium race title (She has won both Fenway and Citifield). Gretchen Krueger (took 3rd at Citifield) along with Karlee Whipple, Laura Messner, Rachel Puchkoff will be looking to dethrone Shaun as the Spartan Stadium Race champ.

In the teams division, EPIC Mud & Adventure will keep its rivalry going with VPX Team Extreme. These two squads have separated themselves from the pack and look to battle all season long for team bragging rights!

The most exciting part of these stadium races for the competitive racers is that there is zero margin for error. One failed obstacle is eminent doom and nearly impossible to recover from after the grueling 30 burpee penalty. This is an exciting race for friends and family to watch since there are numerous view points and a jumbo-tron to take in all the action.

Spartan Stadium Races are an excellent “starter” event for those weary of doing a Spartan Race. The distance is extremely manageable and the venues are welcoming and a lot of fun!

Have said that, in true Spartan fashion, you never know when Spartan Race is going to throw you a “curve ball”, so be prepared for anything!

Ready to sign up?  Find an event HERE.

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With the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship edging closer each day, the Beast prizes for the elite heat Saturday morning have been announced.  In addition to the cash up for grabs additional prizes have been announced. Xplore Technologies Corp., manufacturer of the world’s most powerful, longest-lasting and rugged tablets on the market, and Spartan Race, Inc., the world’s premier obstacle racing company, have announced that the Xplore RangerX will be the official tablet of the 2013 Reebok Spartan Race World Championships and will be issuing special edition Spartan Race Tablets to the two top finishers in both the elite and the Masters category worth $1,700 a piece.

The World Championship Beast Saturday September 21st Elite Wave Men and Women will feature $57,000 cash plus prizes. $15,000 for first, $7,000 for second, $5,000 for third, $1,000 for fourth and $500 for fifth.  $100 will be awarded to 6 – 10th places.

In addition, those finishing in the Top 10 will also receive and Elite Season Pass. The Ultra Beast on Sunday September 22nd the Elite Wave Men and Women will feature $3,500 cash plus prizes.

$1,000 for first, $500 for second and $250 for third. In addition, those finishing in the Top 5 will also receive and Elite Season Pass.

Here is the breakdown:

Beast Elite Male Cash  Prize
1st Male $15,000.00 Annual Pass
Xplore Tablet
2nd Male $7,000.00 Annual Pass
3rd Male $5,000.00 Annual Pass
4th Male $1,000.00 Annual Pass
5th Male $500.00 Annual Pass
6th Male  $100.00 Annual Pass
7th Male  $100.00 Annual Pass
8th Male  $100.00 Annual Pass
9th Male   $100.00 Annual Pass
10th Male   $100.00 Annual Pass
Beast Elite Female Cash Prize
1st Female $15,000.00 Annual Pass
Xplore Tablet
2nd Female $7,000.00 Annual Pass
3rd Female $5,000.00 Annual Pass
4th Female $1,000.00 Annual Pass
5th Female $500.00 Annual Pass
6th Female $100.00 Annual Pass
7th Female $100.00 Annual Pass
8th Female $100.00 Annual Pass
9th Female $100.00 Annual Pass
10th Female $100.00 Annual Pass
Beast Masters 40+ Prize
1st Male XPlore Tablet
1st Female XPlore Tablet
Ultra Beast Cash  Prizes
1st Male $1,000.00 Annual Pass
2nd Male $500.00 Annual Pass
3rd Male $250.00 Annual Pass
4th Male Annual Pass
5th Male Annual Pass
1st Female $1,000.00 Annual Pass
2nd Female $500.00 Annual Pass
3rd Female $250.00 Annual Pass
4th Female Annual Pass
5th Female Annual Pass

In the Ultra Beast Category, there will be a season pass* awarded to anyone finishing Ultra Beast under a time that will be announced on the starting line.

*Side note that a athlete can only win 1 season pass a year , and additional season passes are not transferable, and not redeemable.  Annual passes  are good for 12 months from date of issue and/or purchase.

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