by Alexander Nicholas, Spartan Pro Team
Spartan Race kicks off it’s new season with a highly popular stadium race! Many racers are coming off a grueling weekend in VT where the Spartan Race World Championships were held, but that won’t stop the tough competition in Philly.

Citizen’s Bank Park offers new and challenging obstacles for those not familiar with the expanding stadium series of races Spartan is offering this season. Citizens Bank holds up to 43,647 people for any given sporting event. Over 50,00 square feet of this facility will be used to torture Spartan racers with numerous obstacles and countless stadium steps.

Aussie Matt Murphy

Alex Nicholas, Dave Magida, and Elliot Megquier will be representing the Spartan Race Pro Team along with the most improved elite racer of the season, Kevin Donoghue. Matt Murphy, Australia’s leading obstacle racer, who recently took 2nd place in the Spartan Race World Championships will be also be testing his stadium skills in the epic showdown. The women’s side will have loads of competition. Look out for Pro Team member Andi Hardy as well as Shaun Provost- who will be defending her stadium race title (She has won both Fenway and Citifield). Gretchen Krueger (took 3rd at Citifield) along with Karlee Whipple, Laura Messner, Rachel Puchkoff will be looking to dethrone Shaun as the Spartan Stadium Race champ.

In the teams division, EPIC Mud & Adventure will keep its rivalry going with VPX Team Extreme. These two squads have separated themselves from the pack and look to battle all season long for team bragging rights!

The most exciting part of these stadium races for the competitive racers is that there is zero margin for error. One failed obstacle is eminent doom and nearly impossible to recover from after the grueling 30 burpee penalty. This is an exciting race for friends and family to watch since there are numerous view points and a jumbo-tron to take in all the action.

Spartan Stadium Races are an excellent “starter” event for those weary of doing a Spartan Race. The distance is extremely manageable and the venues are welcoming and a lot of fun!

Have said that, in true Spartan fashion, you never know when Spartan Race is going to throw you a “curve ball”, so be prepared for anything!

Ready to sign up?  Find an event HERE.

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On March 23rd and 24th Reebok Spartan Race headed to North Carolina for a Sprint and it was a chilly weekend with rainy and cold temps Saturday and Sunday but that didn’t keep it from being one of the most competitive men’s event we’ve had in 2013!

For the men’s elite athletes it was a tight race. Check out these times – less than 2 minute between top 5 finishers!
Brakken Kraker (38:28.9)
David Magida (39:51.9)
Alec Blenis (40:15.5)
Elliott Megquier (43:07.0)
Stevven Anderson (44:24.6)

The women’s finish saw first and second-place separated by mere seconds!  It was an exciting race from start to finish!

Josh Fortenberry

Ella Kociuba (50:59.3)
Hannah Orders (51:11.7)
Elizabeth Law (54:27.8)
Laura Wyker (55:13.6)
Wendy McIntosh Norvell (56:50.6)

For the rest of the results, click HERE.

The cold weather was definitely a big story this weekend, but it not short of some inspirational moments. Joshua Swink ran the Spartan to raise money for Wounded Wear a total of four times! Josh Fortenberry, finished the North Carolina event in 3 hours and while using crutches because his legs don’t work like they used to. He’s had MS for 5 years.

We had some impressive women like Kristina Beville – Navy SEAL wife who finished her first Spartan Race seven and a half months pregnant along with other members of SEAL team FRG (family readiness group). They will be back for Leesburg!

We’d like to thank our incredible medical team who kept our racers safe and warm despite the unseasonably cold temps. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Want to see more photos?  Check out our FB page for albums from the weekend.

Did you finish the Sprint and feel ready for a Reebok Super Spartan?  We’ll be in Leesburg in August.  Sign up today!

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