Because I have worn exclusively Inov8 Talons for the past 6 years with my mountain running career I will use these as a comparison.  I take pride in seeing if the Reebok “truly” is a better shoe.

First: Fit.  I wear a size 10 and the size 10 was pretty darn close.  If anything I would prefer perhaps a 9 and 3/4 if it was possible because I like a slightly tighter fitting shoe.  Where I noticed this a little was on the traverse wall where I had my feet at a tangent to the wall and I was “edging” my way along.  Overall, not a problem just a thought.

Second:  Weight.  My 10′s came in at 8.7 ounces.  The Reebok has structure and substantiality that dominates any mountain/obstacle shoe I’ve ever worn.  The sole felt solid and exuded confidence as I ran over the rocky and uneven terrain.  The Reebok also, has the rock guard sole, and the rope guard instep that surely have weight associated with them.  In other words, how is the Reebok so light yet more substantial, more structured and overall more of a “real” shoe and not merely a ”slipper” with traction.  So weight:  A+

Third:  Rock Guard.  I really appreciated and know the importance of a shoe that allows me to plunge the down hills without fear of damaging or slowing my pace in fear of stepping on something sharp.  The rock guard was noticed and provides a very confidence boosting advantage.

 Fourth:  Traction.  The lugs were well spaced which allows for great mud-shedding and a stable platform on loose sand.  So much of obstacle racing involves stepping in and out of mud.  Shedding the mud is more important than giant lugs that attract and fill to the level where traction disappears.

Fifth:  Water exiting holes.  Very cool.  As a steeple chaser in college I LOVED my Adidas shoes which had this feature.  Not gimmicky.  Truly was noticed and worked.

Sixth:  Texture and material of shoe.  I like the canvas like durability of the overall shell and outer protection.  It sheds moisture immediately, retains nothing and seems to be durable to the many rocks and barbed wire kicks.

The Reebok All-Terrain series are sweet shoes.  I will be honored to race all obstacle races in them but to also introduce them to the extreme mountain races I do.

 Matt Novakovich “The Bear”

Remember to sign up for your next Spartan Race right here! 

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Born from the trenches of Spartan Races, the Reebok All-Terrain Series is strategically designed with drainage ports that drain water quickly and easily and 360 degrees of traction to shed mud…..The shoe that can handle any abuse a Spartan can give it so you are unstoppable on any course.

Lightweight and breathable this shoe has it all. With a rubberized tongue (complete with holes to help expel water) the Reebok All-Terrain has been generating a ton of excitement from the folks at HQ. Everything from it’s ability to drain water, to it’s lightweight breathable construction has the staff talking about how they can’t wait to get them dirty. With colors that are bright and inviting this shoe is sure to become a fan favorite on the course when it drops in March. Make sure you keep your eye out for it on the shelves in the next couple weeks.


Reebok are ready. Are you? Sign up now for a Spartan Race near you! 

For more info go to

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See the thing about me is, I’m vain. Or rather some of the things I like to get, I like to keep nice and shiny. Yeah I know, sue me. But that’s why you’ll find that if you look long and hard at my shoe inventory (I’m a runner, what can I say), pretty much any shoe I ever lace up with the knowledge that I’ll be going through mud or even lakes and rivers, are all dark in color. Blacks, greys, dark blues. Why?
Because that way the dirt doesn’t show. I told you I was vain.

Then not long ago I became the owner of a rather flash pair of the Reebok One Cushion Trail shoe. They are bright yellow. The kind of shoe that isn’t shy to let you know it’s there. You know that one friend we all have that has no sense of shame that can do that piercing whistle across a 4 acre parking lot and wave at you for your attention? That’s what these shoes are. However they back up their flash with substance with some left in the tank for some to spare.

When I first tried them on a trail, the first thing I noticed was not just how light and flexible they are, but the teeth on the bottom that just won’t quit. Putting them on, they already have that “broken in” quality that your favorite slippers have, but still have the rigidity and support you’d expect. A neat trick if you can pull it off.

So the first trail run, albeit a reasonably flat one with only a few rolling hills, and immediately the first benefit came rushing to the surface. In order to fully test them, I changed my stride a few times. I land almost flat footed, but changed to a heel-to-toe, the impact each time was absorbed so it felt like I was running on balls of cotton. Sprinting on the balls of my feet proved no different. It’s as though the shoe was mocking me, “Oh yeah, think you can trick me? No problem, I’ve got that part of the foot covered too”.

But the real shocker and ultimately, the most pleasant surprise was one borne of my refusal to get my shiny shoes dirty. I tried them out on the sidewalks and roads and despite the teeth on the bottom, the shoes are so well balanced, they are perfect for road running. In fact, I placed so much confidence in them, I used them over my regular road running shoe and they saw me take off over 40 minutes off my PR when I finished the Long Beach Marathon. What’s more, I attribute this to just how good my feet and lower legs felt throughout the course. Impact was getting absorbed, the shoes were snug, yet not tight and gave me that extra little spring we all know we like.

So, whether it was deliberate or not, what you have here is a shoe that is equally at home helping you collect your Trifecta, or tearing up PR’s in road races. A very useful asset to have in your arsenal, wouldn’t you say?

Make sure to try a pair for the next Spartan race that you sign up for at


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Has Spartan Race transformed your life? We want to know! Actually, the world wants to know!  So what is your story?

We are looking for men, women, and even Spartan kids whose lives have been dramatically changed by training and competing in Spartan Races! We’re looking for inspirational, no guts – no glory, you put your heart, sweat and tears into it kind of stories to feature on an upcoming Reebok commercial.

Sound like you? Tell us why! Submit a photo and tell your story in time for the July 13 – 14 Pennsylvania races!  Click HERE to get started.

By the way, there is still time to register!  Click HERE.  See you at the finish line!

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Spartan Race is committed to being the world leader in the sport of Obstacle Racing. We recently announced that every one of our US races would have prize money to attract top talent to our races. Now we are pleased to announce the signing of the top athletes in the sport. These athletes are sponsored by Spartan Race and will represent Spartan Race at our events and other events across the globe.

Looking to find out more about these talented obstacle racers? Follow the Spartan Blog and Spartan Race Facebook page to see regular posts and advice from the team on the daily WODs and your general questions. Check out their profiles on Spartan Pages You can also follow them on their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… Most importantly you will be seeing them at our races. You can line up next to them in our Elite heats, you can talk to them before and after the race in our festival area and at our host hotels. They are here to motivate and inspire you to reach your goals in the sport.

Obstacle Racing keeps getting better and better and Spartan Race continues to lead the way.

Spartan Race Pro Team for 2013


Alec Blenis, age 19 from Georgia

Shawn Feiock 35 Texas

Brakken Kraker 25 Wisconsin

David Magida 27 Washington, DC –

Hunter McIntyre 24 California

Miguel Medina 25 California

Elliott Megquier 25 New York

Cody Moat 35 Utah

Alexander Nicholas 34 New York

Christopher Rutz 44 Arizona


TyAnn Clark 32 Utah

Andi Hardy 43 Georgia

Rose Marie Jarry 29 Quebec

Ella Kociuba 20 Texas

Corinne Kohlen 32 California

April Luu 34 Colorado

Hannah Orders 23 North Carolina

Ang Reynolds 33 California

Juliana Sproles 43 California

Leslie St. Louis 36 Colorado

Jenny Tobin 45 Idaho

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by Mike Levine, Spartan Staffer

I am Reebok, I am CrossFit, I, am a Spartan.  Going back to the age of seventeen, the first national sponsor that approached me as an athlete was Reebok.  A young Division I athlete, and I was branded head to toe by some really great people at Reebok.  They made sure I had everything I needed and were gracious in every way.  Fast-forward fifteen years…Now, I train at CrossFit Lighthouse in New York with an incredibly committed group of like-minded people and I work for Spartan Race.  I was incredibly exited with our announcement at the Times Square event that I was now coming full circle, and rejoining with Reebok.  With Citi Field nearly upon us, I can’t wait to see how Reebok and Spartan put on the Sprint in my back yard.

Spartan is an amazing brand of empowerment.  We are a dedicated group of professionals who inspire people to reach for the best and demand the absolute best of themselves.  We are not defined by a race.  Rather we are measured by the successes of our followers.  To our fellow Spartans, I tell you from personal experience that Reebok is no different.  They are Spartans.  This partnership brings us incredible opportunities.  There is a tremendous synergy between our two brands.  As gracious partners, Reebok invited us into their world and we will enjoy a tremendous relationship, we will certainly look much better in our new gear, and we will have an amazing brand to grow with.  Reebok stands behind their athletes.  They are a brand that helps their followers fulfill their dreams…sounds like a Spartan if you ask me.  So come out to one of our races this year, meet our Reebok ambassadors, get some new gear, and have some fun.

There’s still time to join us in Citi Field April 13th.  Get signed up HERE!

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by Chris Rutz, elite Spartan athlete

Reebok Spartan Racing is shifting from the West to the East. This weekend Spartan racing action is heading to Oleta State Park in South Florida. After two cool race weekends in SoCal and Arizona our top racers are hoping that South Florida will bring warm temperatures and sunny skies.

Scheduled to appear this weekend in South Florida is last year’s #3 in the Spartan Race Points Series, Rose-Marie Jarry. Rose Marie will be coming down from Montreal Canada with the intention of winning the elite women’s race. Her favorite race distance is the sprint, but she is certainly capable of winning the Super. She is hoping for lots of barbed wire crawling and mud. She has been known to outpace some of our top men. So keep an eye out for her guys. Also watch out for Sue Luck. She is getting faster and faster at each race and loves the flat terrain that South Florida offers.

On the men’s side look for Hunter McIntyre to seek out his first win in US soil. He won the Spartan Race in Mexico City this past weekend and is hungry for a US Spartan win. On tap to challenge him will be Elliott Megquier, who has won a few Sunday races, but is looking for the top spot on Saturday, and David Magida. David has spent a good deal of time in South Florida and is racing on his home turf. In addition Christopher Rutz will be racing. He is coming off a strong third place finish in Mexico and is looking for an equal or better finish in South Florida. Shawn Feiock will also be looking to return to the podium having made it there for the first time in Arizona.

The is no money up for grabs this weekend, but that does keep the top athletes from competing in South Florida for bragging rights. Will these above racers make it to the podium or will some new talent emerge from the elite athlete pool in South Florida?

Stay tuned to find out who makes it to the top!  

Ready to take on your own Spartan Race?  Find an event HERE!


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by Steffan “Cookie” Cook

The Reebok Spartan Race descended on the Arizona desert this weekend and while runners found a shorter course than 2012, it was far more rugged and technical than previous years. Cacti anyone? The weather also made the hot weather a factor in Sunday’s races.

In Saturday’s elite heat, Hobie Call held off yet another attack from Hunter McIntyre, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively, while Chad Trammell took third. The women’s Elites saw one of the closest finishes to date. Winner Ella Kociuba finishing a mere five seconds in front of April Luu to take 1st place. Tuann Clark picked up third place. April made sure she made up for this agonizing loss by taking first place on Sunday.


Ella Kociuba

1. Ella Kociuba (20 F) – 0:52:03.6
2. April Luu (34 F) – 0:52:08.6
3. Tuann Clark (32 F) – 0:55:19.7
4. Rose Marie Jarry (29 F) – 0:57:13.9
5. Corinne Hieatt (26 F) – 0:57:14.6


1. Hobie Call (34 M) – 0:39:11.7
2. Hunter McIntyre (24 M) – 0:40:19.0
3. Chad Trammell (29 M) – 0:43:35.7

Hobie Call

4. Elliott Megquier (25 M) – 0:44:07.3
5. Yury Shtankov (25 M) – 0:45:57.2

For full results, click HERE.  What does it look like at a Spartan finish line?  Click HERE for finish line photos!

Team “Intel” brought the largest crew but The Biggest Loser had another fantastic presence in the event village and on the course.  A notable story of the day was of Miguel Medina, member of the Weeple Army.  Medina was cleared to start training again in April 2012 after surgery to correct severe stenosis and two herniated discs. He managed yet another impressive run with a third consecutive top 10 finish Saturday. Brian Hoover had to stop racing at the beginning of the Saturday elite heat in order to find his lost timing chip on the course and after miraculously finding it, still placed 8th overall. He would finish in second place on Sunday.

Spartan would also like to thank local sponsors and charity partners in Arizona. While 98KUPD played some rocking tracks, booths from MBAA, Prankration, Team in Training and Biggest Loser all made new friends on the Spartan Festival grounds. Spartan would also like to thank Navy Federal Credit Union for their continued support. We’d also like to thank our Spartan volunteers and onsite medical teams for their support in helping make this a memorable and fun event in the Arizona desert!

Next up we head East for The Reebok Florida Super, The Reebok Georgia Sprint, and the Reebok Carolina Sprint before returning West for the Reebok Nevada Super.   Where will you find your Spartan finish line?  Sign up today. 

Miss your chance at Arizona in 2013?  Don’t worry!  We’re coming back February 8th and 9th in 2014.  Get registered TODAY!

For a few event photos, check out our Facebook album HERE.   Check out our Twitter page for more updates.

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by Chris Rutz, Elite Spartan Racer

Hobie Call

This weekend, Reebok Spartan Race arrives in the Arizona desert. The 2013 Arizona Spartan Sprint moves to a new venue that captures the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and ramps up the difficulty level of the course. McDowell Mountain Regional Park is located northeast of Phoenix and provides a rolling terrain with miles of tight single track for the elite racers to challenge one another.

This is the first Spartan Sprint distance race since the Reebok/Spartan Race partnership was announced in late January in New York City.  Two weeks ago the SoCal Super went off at Vail Creek Lodge in Temecula, CA.

Many of the top athletes from the 2012 Season will be racing in Arizona this weekend for their share of the $7,500 cash purse generously provided by our partners at Navy Federal Credit Union for the Saturday Elite wave. We asked a few of them how they feel the Navy Federal Credit Union prize money impacts the sport of Obstacle Course Racing?

Hobie Call, resident Spartan elite racer  said, “…I want NFCU to know that I truly appreciate their sponsorship. Every little bit helps, and this year is looking even better than last.” and “As cool as the helmets and swords are, elite athletes follow the money. End of story.” 

Female elite racer Corinne Kohlen noted how it’s drawing new talent to the field, “I think the money is great. It is luring in exceptional athletes and runners such as TyAnn Clark (and many others) who may not have been as interested in this kind of sport before.”  

That sentiment was also noted by elite female Andi Hardy when she was quoted as saying, “Money brings more elite competition.” 

Jenny Tobin

Last year’s female point’s winner Jenny Tobin also had something to say about the infusion of cash prizes, “I’m all about making money for my exercise habit, I’d still do it but it is nice to make a little money and see different parts of the country.” 

The field is ripe with talent.  Male elites Hobie Call and Hunter McIntyre, first and third respectfully in the SoCal Super are scheduled to be at the race. In addition, look for the 2013 debut of Christopher Rutz, Elliott Megquier and Nick Maynard. Christopher and Nick, along with Arizona native Chase Stewart have the home trail advantage and will be ready to tear up their desert. Beyond the Arizonans, watch out for 2012 Top 10 Spartan Racers Dallas Bessette and Shawn Feoick.

On the women’s side, SoCal winner TyAnn Clark, multiple 2012 Spartan race winner Rose-Marie Jarry and winner of the 2012 Texas Sprint Ella Kociuba are schedule to race. Those three alone will make the race for the podium very interesting. By no means do they have a lock on the top three places. Expect to see some of the top names in the sport including Juliana Sproles, Ang Reynolds, Andi Hardy, Corinne Kohlen, Sue Luck and Shaun Provost literally give them a run for their money. As usual, the women’s race will be exciting to watch.

Get out to the Arizona Spartan Sprint this weekend and watch these athletes smoke through the course. After the finish, they would welcome the opportunity to share their passion for obstacle course racing (OCR) with you in the festival area. 

2013 has Spartan stepping up the game considerable.  With prize money, Reebok, and an incredible crop of top racers, it is shaping up to be another exciting weekend of obstacle course racing.   See you at the races! 

Not registered yet?  What are you waiting for?  Join the expected 500,000 Spartans that will cross one of our finish lines this year.  Find an event near you HERE


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by Steffan “Cookie” Cook

Reebok SoCal Super Spartan Champion
Hobie Call

The first Reebok Spartan Race of 2013 is in the books!  The Reebok SoCal Super Spartan at Vail Creek Resort in Temecula, CA was a bit shorter than last year, but the roughly 8.5 mile course was considered even more difficult. The addition of a water obstacle and the punishing hills at Temecula made the event an awesome test of wills.

Rain was an unexpected obstacle on both Saturday and Sunday, making the treacherous terrain and obstacles like the monkey bars even more difficult to navigate. It also marked the first ever collaboration with Life as Rx for WODStock! More to come on that event in a later post, but it was quite a hit!

It was an exciting elite heat, with top male competitors Hobie and Cody battling it out for the top two spots. But Hunter McIntyre was hot on their heels, finishing less than a minute behind Moat. He’s emerging as a man to beat!


1. Hobie Call 1:13:20
2. Cody Moat 1:17:01
3. Hunter McIntyre 1:17:33

On the ladies’ elite side, the top three were all over the age of 30! Familiar face and last year’s female point’s leader Jenny Tobin placed second with TyAnn Clark edging her out for first. Local Fayre Morgan nabbed third.


1. TyAnn Clark 1:47:25
2. Jenny Tobin 1:50:55
3. Fayre Morgan 1:58:52

For full results, click HERE.

The biggest team, yet again, were the Weeple Army, boasting team numbers well into triple digits.  They were our 2012 biggest team, and they are gearing up for the same honors in 2013.

Some great moments unfolded at the Super Spartan.

There was a proposal at the finish line (she said yes!) and Spider Man 3 actor Tony Besson, who first took on the hills of Malibu, returned for the punishing hills of Temecula.

There was a great story behind the appearance of Midwest Super Sunday open winner and Montana native Greg Stewart. His car died in Salt Lake City around 3 AM but he still managed to get to the race start line by renting a car at the last minute!

Perhaps most impressive was Taylor Jackson of Palm Springs. On December 11th, 2011 he was involved in a serious car collision and as a result, had to be treated for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and left-side neglect. He was had broken ribs, fractured C1, C2, C3 vertebrae, collapsed lungs, and a host of other injuries. Together with his father Brian, he got physically fit again and often practiced running up to six miles to prepare and he crossed the finish line on Sunday!

We’d like to recognize our friends at Livestrong who took on the course, the crew from Biggest Loser, and Project Hope Alliance who brought 30 homeless children to take on the Kid’s Race.  With a medal, shirt, and lunch and transportation, we’re told they had a great day at the races!  Thank you to our volunteers for helping us make it a great weekend!

Our West Coast invasion will continue in 2014 with the inclusion of a Sprint AND a Beast for the first time in Spartan history!  More to come on our West Coast take-over, but take advantage of the recently added races and sign up today!

The next Reebok SoCal Sprint will be on January 25, 2014.  Sign up HERE.  The Reebok SoCal Beast, is scheduled for September 13, 2014.  A link for registration can be found HERE.

Need your fix sooner?  Next up, Spartan rolls into Arizona in just two weeks!  See you on the course!

For a peek at some photos, check out our online album!

We’re on Twitter too!  See what’s happening in our community, and follow us today!

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