by Carrie Adams

PB090327 (2)All kinds of women are taking on the Spartan challenge for the first time in 2012.  Moms, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, friends, wives, and girlfriends are heading out to have some fun in the mud and take on something new.  Renee Diaz is joining the movement.  Diaz is a full-time model and actress living in New York City.  The stunning brunette also teaches yoga, loves fashion and art, and at age 30 decided she take on a new challenge in the form of a Spartan Race!   She will be participating in the Tri-State New York Sprint June 2nd.   Says Diaz, “I try to live a healthy and happy life and never take things for granted.  I like to keep things easy-breezy.”

Diaz saw Spartan Race coverage and mentioned it to her husband who jumped at the idea and they signed up together with two of their friends.  She loves taking on new challenges and racing a Spartan certainly fits the bill.   PB060329 (2)

The athletic Diaz is running three times a week and practicing hot yoga three times a week to prepare.  Living and working in NYC has her on her feet walking and on the go so she feels like she will be as prepared as possible on race day.  When asked what she’s most looking forward to she laughed, “Beating my husband!  Just kidding!” 

Though quick to laugh she says, she has a few small fears.  “I guess failure scares me, but I am a true believer that our mind prevents us from accomplishing our goals.”  With her friends and family by her side, she’s positive and excited about the experience. 

PB060323 copy (2) “Humans are incredibly resilient creatures, there’s not much we cannot do.”  

Renee hopes more women get out on the Spartan Race courses in 2012.  “Some of the greatest athletes in the world are women. I think its so important for woman to follow their desires and to never lose sight of their dreams.”  

To find out more about Renee follow these links:!/ReneeKylieDiaz

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