by Chris Rutz

The 2013 Points Season consists of races following the 2012 World Championship, beginning with the Carolinas Race October 13th, 2012 and culminating in the 2013 World Championship to be held in Vermont on September 21st, 2013. Over the course of the 2013 Spartan Race Season, we’re going to take your top 5 best races and use them to calculate your points ranking.

What are the rewards? Well in 2012 the top 20 male and female athletes split a $40,000 prize purse. The first place man and woman each received a check for $4,250. This weekend in Las Vegas we will be having an awards ceremony for the top 20 men and women to recognize their performance in 2012. Come and see some of the top Obstacle Racers pick up their prize at 11:00am in the festival area.

For the men:
1st Cody Moat
2nd Hobie Call
3rd Brakken Kraker
4th Christopher Rutz
5th Elliott Megquier
6th Walter Schmidt
7th Shawn Feiock
8th David Chandler
9th David Magida
10th Dallas Bessette
11th Joe Kauder
12th Rick Kraics
13th Shane McKay
14th John Hayter
15th Christopher Obertlik
16th Robert Coble
17th Kevin Donoghue
18th Isaiah Vidal
19th David Mick
20th Marko Vennerholm

For the women:
1st Jenny Tobin
2nd Leslie St Louis
3rd Rose Marie Jarry
4th Melinda Branch
5th Margaret Schlachter
6th Irene Call
7th Corinne Kohlen
8th Andi Hardy
9th Juliana Sproles
10th Lelya Di Cori
11th Angela Reynolds
12th Sue Luck
13th Ella Kociuba
14th Gretchen Krueger
15th Shaun Provost
16th Amanda Czapla
17th Ekaterina Solovieva
18th Raegan Chambers
19th Lauel Arnold
20th Angela Kalal

Note: Not all of the above athletes are scheduled to race in Las Vegas. Those not appearing will either get their “podium” check at their next scheduled race.

Are you ready to try to make the top 20 for the 2013 season? Here are the details.

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by Chris Rutz, elite Spartan athlete

Reebok Spartan Racing is shifting from the West to the East. This weekend Spartan racing action is heading to Oleta State Park in South Florida. After two cool race weekends in SoCal and Arizona our top racers are hoping that South Florida will bring warm temperatures and sunny skies.

Scheduled to appear this weekend in South Florida is last year’s #3 in the Spartan Race Points Series, Rose-Marie Jarry. Rose Marie will be coming down from Montreal Canada with the intention of winning the elite women’s race. Her favorite race distance is the sprint, but she is certainly capable of winning the Super. She is hoping for lots of barbed wire crawling and mud. She has been known to outpace some of our top men. So keep an eye out for her guys. Also watch out for Sue Luck. She is getting faster and faster at each race and loves the flat terrain that South Florida offers.

On the men’s side look for Hunter McIntyre to seek out his first win in US soil. He won the Spartan Race in Mexico City this past weekend and is hungry for a US Spartan win. On tap to challenge him will be Elliott Megquier, who has won a few Sunday races, but is looking for the top spot on Saturday, and David Magida. David has spent a good deal of time in South Florida and is racing on his home turf. In addition Christopher Rutz will be racing. He is coming off a strong third place finish in Mexico and is looking for an equal or better finish in South Florida. Shawn Feiock will also be looking to return to the podium having made it there for the first time in Arizona.

The is no money up for grabs this weekend, but that does keep the top athletes from competing in South Florida for bragging rights. Will these above racers make it to the podium or will some new talent emerge from the elite athlete pool in South Florida?

Stay tuned to find out who makes it to the top!  

Ready to take on your own Spartan Race?  Find an event HERE!


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by Carrie Adams

We’re back with another installment of some of our biggest stories of 2012!  Not surprisingly, many of our top 10 blog posts dealt with, what else, training and nutrition!  Spartans commit to a healthy way of living and it was clear that our community was paying attention and getting it done.

Some of our biggest blog posts of the year were centered around how to get fit and how to eat right.  In addition to providing resources on our blog, at Spartan HQ, we are trying to make it even easier to get these tips delivered to you, so if you want our daily WOD delivered directly to your inbox for FREE, click HERE.

Here are our three biggest training posts of 2012!

Breaking down the Warm-Up: As our own Spartan Coach manager Jeff Godin, Ph.D. CSCS always says, “Always start your workout with a warm-up.” Although flexibility and unrestricted movement may be important for long term injury prevention, static stretching and flexibility exercises are not an important part of a warm-up. Stretching moves a joint through its full range of motion, however it does this passively and does very little to increase the temperature of muscle. The warm-up should be active and move the joints through their full range of motion. The warm-up progresses from low intensity towards high intensity. For some, the warm-up may actually have them gassed by the end. The benefits of a warm-up include; increased tissue temperature, tissue compliance, energy metabolism, movement efficiency and reduced tissue stiffness. The warm-up can also be used to reinforce fundamental movement mechanics related to speed and agility. The warm-up should emphasize proper foot placement to promote acceleration and prevent deceleration.  Read the rest of the post by clicking HERE.

Spartan Ab 300:  In this post, Dr. Jeff gives a great ab workout for the ages!  300 reps never felt so good!  Click HERE for the full workout and breakdown.

Buck Furpee Day:  The burpee is quintessentially Spartan in that there is nothing wasted in the activity.   It carries with it efficiency,  and, therefore, concentrated effectiveness.  When you train, focus on training – don’t over-complicate things.  When in doubt, do burpees.  How did Buck Furpee Day go down?  Click HERE and find out.

Spartan Race Nutrition:

It should come as no surprise that training, while a critical piece of the Spartan equation, it isn’t everything.  You need the right fuel to get that Spartan body and keep moving!   Whether your goals are to lose weight, get lean, or perform better, nutrition has to be a part of your plan.  And if you’re not sure where to start and you want some help from the Spartan team, we have good news!  Just like our daily WOD’s we offer FREE daily Food tips and recipes as well.  Simply click HERE to get signed up for yours!

Eat to Live: Spartan Performance Nutrition: Not sure what to eat the night before a race?  This popular blog post solves that problem with ease!  Our own Spartan Champion and Chick Rose-Marie Jarry provides her favorite recipe for a pre-race trio.

Click HERE for the full recipe.

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by Jason Rita

“Phenomenally Phenomenal Women”


Maya Angelou wrote her anthem to a woman’s strength, “Phenomenal Women,” in 1978, but she might have been describing our Spartan women athletes:  “It’s the fire in my eyes and the flash of my teeth, the swing in my waist, and the joy in my feet.  I’m a woman.  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”  These women have the fire and flash, the swing and the joy.  They are phenomenally phenomenal.  But only one can be Spartan Points Champion.

Rose-Marie Jarry

While the Spartan men’s race in Glen Rose, Texas, on Saturday may feature two titans of the world of obstacle racing in Hobie Call and Cody Moat, who sit atop our sport like two colossal mythological figures, the Spartan women’s field features a constellation of competitors, a magnificent and impressive array of athletes/warriors/goddesses, a panoply of serious “playas” (I think that’s how the kids say it), all of whom are striving  this weekend to write their name into Spartan legend and the win the inaugural Points Competition title as the crowning achievement on the Spartan racing year.

This weekend, the field of Spartan women is like one of those ensemble comedies where everyone is an A-lister.  It is the Emmys, Grammies, Golden Globes and Oscars all rolled into one star-studded and mud-splattered extravaganza.  It is the All-Star game and the Pro Bowl except everyone is really competing from the first AROO to the final obstacle.

Rose-Marie Jarry is leading the women’s field in the Points Series heading into Texas, having won the most recent two Spartan Races, the Malibu Sprint last week and the Spartan Beast in Sacramento three weeks ago by an incredible 21 minutes ahead of 2011 Spartan Champion Jenny Tobin.  The fast, flat and dry Texas conditions will suit the Kronobar founder even more than the cool and muddy conditions from Sacramento, and the former 800m Canada national team track and field star will be fast away from the starting line.  An experienced and accomplished front-runner, Rose will force the pace and demand that everyone try to hang on to her raw speed.  She already has 15 Spartan races under her belt this year with a sweep of the Canadian sprint, super and beast races in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, to which she added first place finishes south of the 49th parallel not just in Malibu and Sacramento, but also in the Mid-West Super, Tri-State NJ Super, and the New England Sprint.  Rose needs to win in Texas to make certain of the 21012 Points Series crown, and in the absence of the Vermont champion Claude Godbout, Rose enters Texas as the favorite.  Her recent wins prove she is the in-form racer but there have been many thoroughbreds who have been Triple Crown contenders after winning the Derby and the Preakness only to falter in the Belmont, and Rose will need to prove she has the character and mettle of a true champion to hold off the charging challengers. If she can, she will claim not only the $1,500 first prize being awarded by Navy Federal Credit Union to the top female finisher on the day, but she will also win the Spartan prize of $4,250 being awarded by Spartan Race to the 2012 Points Series champion.

Andi Hardy has done more Spartan races this year than Rose, a staggering 20, in her first full-year of obstacle racing, and is

Andi Hardy

in second place in the Points Series table.  Since Andi already has points from four Beast races that make up the points calculation, Andi can’t overtake Rose but can improve her tally to ensure she preserves her shot at the 2nd place $2,000 cash prize.  One of the most popular Spartan athletes with a large following at races and on her blog BarbWire4Breakfast, she is easily recognizable in her lime green racing kit and will have a lot of support to help her conclude the 2012 season on the podium as well maintain her AG lead over Juliana Sproles.

Numerous racers can overtake Rose in the points standings with strong showings on both days of racing including Melinda Branch, Ella Kociuba and Jenny Tobin.  Ella and Jenny come in to the weekend banged up from a season of obstacle racing that has pushed them to their physical limits.  If they can survive Saturday, their challenge will be to recover in order to thrive on Sunday.  Jenny will be drawing on a wealth of experience as a pro athlete in Xterra and Ironman competition for the mental tenacity to race on less than 2 legs.  While Ella is one the youngest racers in the field and lacks Jenny’s racing resume, her legendary workouts for sponsor Flag Nor Fail will give her the endurance edge to overcome her lack of recent training and finish the season with one last chance at fulfilling the promise that we glimpsed one year ago at Glen Rose, when she had the fastest time over the weekend in any wave. Melinda has quietly positioned herself with a chance at a high points series finish, and proved at the South Carolina Beast, she is a podium threat.

Podiums are not foreign to another of the most well-known and popular Spartan racers, Dirt in Your Skirt alter ego Margaret Schlachter, who despite having 17 races in her legs this year before coming to Texas, is aiming to have two of her best finishes all year in the Saturday/Sunday elite waves.  An experienced competitive skier, she knows what it is like to race hard multiple events over a two or three day competition.   If Rose falters, Margaret could find herself on the top spot of the Points Series table come Sunday afternoon.  Irrespective of finding her on the podium, you can always find Margaret supporting other Spartan racers, giving medals to racers all afternoon, doing sweep heats, setting up the “Meet the Racers” tent where beginner obstacle racers can get training and racing advice from the competitive Spartan300 athletes.

Despite the great camaraderie and friendship amongst all these Spartan women athletes, make no mistake that for two hours

Margaret Schlachter

on Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend, no quarter will be given nor asked. Too much is on the line – cash, pride, titles, glory.  Seriously, what more could a girl want?

Maya Angelou’s powerful words concluding her famous poem say it best as a celebration of spirit that our Spartan women athletes represent:

Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels, 
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
‘Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me. 


See – even Ms. Angelou knew from Spartan Chicked.


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by Rose Marie Jarry

What a fun way to enjoy tempura veggies without deep frying them! Less guilt and more pleasure!


Slice the eggplant into 10-11 thin slices. Lay them on a cutting board and sprinkle some sea salt on every slice. Set them aside for 10-15 minutes.

Mix the water, flour, and spices with a whisk. Make sure it’s a medium-thick texture; it can’t be too thick or too liquid. Dip each slice of eggplant in it one by one to make sure the mixture is evenly distributed to all of them.

In a preheated pan, melt the coconut oil and place each slice to be grilled. Cook each slice for 1-2 minutes for each side on high heat. After that, place the slices on a greased cookie sheet and cook in oven at 400F for 10 minutes.

When they are all crispy and toasted, it’s time to eat.

Serve with a refreshing tomato and cucumber creamy balsamic glaze.

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by Rose-Marie Jarry

Meal on the go! The words “easy, healthy and refreshing” best describes this salad. Low in calories, this homemade dressing will encourage you to eat more salad on a daily basis. Full of vitamin C and Iron from the parsley and pumpkin seeds, these are the nutrients that your body needs. Did you know that parsley is more than just decoration; it’s a really good source of calcium as well! Believe it or not, there is more calcium in parsley than you would find in milk.


Cut all the fruits, veggies, and herbs. Mix in a bowl.

Squeeze the lemon then mix the juice with the strawberry purée and the spices. Pour the dressing over your fresh salad and enjoy.

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by Rose Marie Jarry

Even if wild rice is more expensive than other types of rice, its taste and texture make it worth it. Wild rice is also loaded with health benefits. Wild rice is a very healthy food choice. First of all, wild rice is not really a grain, but an aquatic grass seed. Native Americans have been cultivating this food since before we arrived on this land. It has more protein than regular rice and is richer in the amino acid lysine.


Cook both types of rice together in a rice cooker. When it’s cooked, add the coconut oil and the dried coconut into the rice and then mix. Add half of the lemon juice and half the spices. Set aside.

To make the avocado-stuffed eggs to go with the rice, start by boiling the eggs. Then peel them and cut them in half to keep the white intact. Remove the yellow and put it in a bowl.  With a fork, mash the yellows with 1 ripe avocado; pour the other half of the lemon juice and spices in your purée. Fill the white part of the eggs with the green mixture.

Ready to eat! Enjoy!

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by Rose Marie Jarry

This is an example of a complete and balanced meal that you can get done when you’re in a rush. In only 30 minutes or less you can have this delicious meal ready on your plate for the whole family. Light and easy to digest, this meal provides all the protein you need and a fair portion of your daily veggies.


Salad Preparation

Slice the cucumbers and scallions into pieces. Separate all the endive leaves and mix them in with the chopped cucumber, scallions, oil, and spices.

Portobello Preparation

Warm up a pan that can be used both on the stove and in the oven. Add 1 tablespoon of the coconut oil and the 3 mushrooms. Let them cook for 3-5 minutes on medium heat.

While your mushrooms are cooking, preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Beat the eggs and spices in a bowl with the goat cheese.

Slice the bell peppers and the red onions into tiny pieces. Incorporate into the egg mix.

Turn the Portobello mushrooms upside down and pour the mix into the 3 Portobello mushrooms so they are like bowls.  Return the mushrooms to the pan.

Put the pan into the pre-heated oven and finish cooking in the oven at 400F for 10-12 minutes.

Best served hot with the cucumber salad.

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by Rose-Marie Jarry

This is a healthy idea for making your own homemade macaroni. This macaroni will definitely be loved by all of your kids. Give it a try!

Warm up a big wok and pour the olive oil. Add the diced garlic and onion into it. After 2 minutes, add the ground beef, spices, and tamari sauce. Cook for 5 minutes and stir at the same time. Add the rest of the veggies into the work. Cook for another 5 minutes. Save the fresh herbs for the end, just before turning the heat off.

Serve immediately.

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by Rose Marie Jarry

I would suggest always trying to incorporate white beans into your diet. As an athlete, you need a lot of the iron and magnesium that white beans provide; white beans contain around 8 mg of iron and 134 mg of magnesium in a 1 cup serving.


Cook the quinoa, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and set aside.

You can use canned cooked organic white beans if you don’t have time to soak and cook them.

Pour the coconut milk concentrate in a pot as well as the curry powder, lemon juice, chili sauce, and salt and pepper. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes and then add the cooked beans.

Steam the broccoli only 5 minutes to keep them crunchy. Then add those into the coconut mix.

Slice the scallions. Serve 1 portion of quinoa on a plate and 1 portion of beans on top. Finish it off by adding fresh scallions to your plate.

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