by Carrie Adams

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Spartan Radio is back at it again this week with more guests (so many it was like the opening sequence of Brady Bunch) and all kinds of fun from the comfort and security of our living rooms.  Last week – talked about SI and had special guest Irene Mallano and her daughter on the show talking all things Staten Island, so, if you haven’t heard show number 15, get on it!  

This week was all things Chicago, the Windy City. We’ll be there this weekend and as we heard tonight, the wind is the least of our worries!  Cliffs Insane Terrain park is chock full of crazy hills that will undoubtedly be ass kickers so get ready!

Mike Morris, Russell Cohen, Todd Sedlak, and Ashley Bond (ahem, she’s a former Miss Illinois and a current Chicago Bulls dancer racing on Saturday) all join me, Shawty, Maurya and Jim for some Spartan chat, some mayhem, some laughs, and Todd’s on top of a mountain in Vermont.  True story.  


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by Brian Ansley

Paul Mud 1Paul Faust’s legs were drained and he was using every muscle in his body to move through the sludge beneath the barb wire.  60 burpees just before the crawl left his legs on fire and his breath caught in his chest.  Crouching low, he moved beneath the jagged wire careful not to get caught up on the sharp points.  At about a third of the way through the taxing obstacle he pulled his head up above the mud and saw an end to the misery. Spartan brothers and sisters to his left and right were giving each other words of encouragement giving him the inspiration he needed to edge towards the finish.  It didn’t matter at this point that the rocks were scraping his legs because he had made it to the end.

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