And so the Reebok Spartan Race juggernaut rolled into Sacramento in Northern California for a second time, but on this occasion having a somewhat more agreeable weather pattern smiling down on all those who took part.

Veterans of the race last year will recall how the rain and hail seemed to come down horizontally, with many people succumbing to the treacherous conditions. This year, with warm sunshine and no rain, the course made for perfect running. 

Cody Moat made the most of these conditions with an astonishing finishing time of 1h 51m. Chad Trammell and Justin Morejohn came in second and third respectively, again, in remarkably quick times of 2h 2mins (Trammell) and 2h 11m (Morejohn).

The ladies elites also posted times that belied the unforgiving rolling land at Rancho Murieta. The familiar face of Tyann Clark smiling from the first place podium with a time of 2h 33m with Rose-Marie Jarry (2h 42m) taking second and Jenny Tobin (2h 56m) taking third.

With yet another showing of a huge sea of green and black shirts, the might of Team SISU and The Weeple Army took the bragging rights for the biggest team of the day. Choosing to forego running for time, they exemplified the ideal of leaving no one behind, choosing to stay as a single unit for the duration of the race.

As a huge fan of road trips, Arizona native Daniel Strebler chose to make the Sacramento Beast his first Spartan Race ever. Liking what he experienced, he vowed to return again, almost certainly in February when the Sprint returns to Arizona.

With more people than ever getting accustomed to the clink-clank of a trifecta medal bouncing against the last medal in the set of red, blue and green, it appears very obvious that more and more people are proudly claiming the title of Trifecta Spartans.

Spartan Race would like to extend special thanks to the US Army for all their help over the weekend.

Next stop, Miller Park. Will you be there?

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by Tom McCormack

In 2012, we issued a challenge to the Spartan Community.  We asked for teams to come out, in force, and that the biggest team of the year would be handsomely rewarded.  We had quite a showing, but none more so than a team from the West Coast, going by the team name, “Weeple Army.”   The Weeples were not just the biggest team on the year, they were the biggest team at THREE events in 2012.  They were the biggest team at the SoCal Super, the Sacramento Beast, and the Malibu Sprint earning a Biggest Team Tri-Fecta in CA!

Captain:  Dave Huckle

Final 2012 Biggest Team Results

Top 5 teams for 2012 based on the amount of finishers at every event.

Malibu Sprint Weeple Army


Mid-West Super Spartan Chicago Spartan


Sacramento Spartan Beast Weeple Army


Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint Team Limitless


Indiana Sprint Spartan Race 2012 Midwest Collegiate Street Team



Malibu 2011 was the first of the three Weeple Army appearances.   They arrived with 20 team members and participated in the Hurricane Heat.  Just 60 days later, they arrived at the 2012 SoCal Spartan with 73 members, many of them again participating in the Hurricane Heat at 6am.  They were hooked!

The Weeples are focused primarily on mud and obstacle races, 5ks, marathons, but while having fun and enjoying the event, regardless of their finish times.

David Huckle, Weeple Army team captain did 39 events throughout the course of the year finishing all types of throughout the year and in some cases two events per weekend.  The Weeple Army Running Group now almost 800 members.  From racers that are running their first 5k mud run, all the way up to the Ultra Beast and Death Racers.  They are a varied and dedicated crew.  In fact, two of the Weeple faithful are now Spartan Race employees!  Matt Trinca and Steffen “Cookie” Cook.

Ricky Ignacio, another Weeple,  started his journey with the Malibu Hurricane Heat by showing up late and taking a beating from Joe D. and the Spartan staffers but he finished Ultra Beast less than a year later.  Spartan elite racer Ang Reynolds is also a proud Weeple. We featured one of her blogs recently for Spartan Chicked Tuesday.

Six Weeples arrived at the Spartan Death Race, and four of them finished!  Not too shabby! Congratulations Weeple Army, and keep a lookout for team captain Dave, who will be traveling to a number of 2013 events around the world, paid for by Spartan Race.

Think you’re ready to put a team together?  Get signed up today.

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