by Chris Rutz

We talked about Spartan Travel and the first logical topic is the Season Pass.  You know you want it. It is time to take the leap.

First tip to enable you to run as many Spartan Races for the 2012 – 2013 season is to simply buy the Season Pass for $400. Yes, that sounds like a huge outlay of cash all at once, but it the deal of the century. Forgive me for sounding like a life insurance salesman or a late night infomercial, but here it goes:

For only a little more than $1 a day you can get the Spartan Race Seasons Pass. You spend more than that on that for your cup of coffee in the morning or that can of coconut water for lunch.

Less than $8 a week will get into any Spartan Race you chose. That is less than you probably pay to get your car washed once a week.

Think of it as a monthly gym membership of $33. It is only $33 per month to run any Spartan Race you want anywhere in the country, as often as you want.

Okay, so now you are considering it, let us talk about the benefits:

You can decide to do a race at the last minute and not be subject to those high last minute race rates.

You will always have a Spartan Race on the calendar to focus your training.

You can run the race competitively by yourself of Saturday and then run again on Sunday with friends and family. Both races included in that season pass.

Your race schedule is full and wide open all at once. You can run every Spartan Race you can get to, but if you miss one due to sickness or injury, not a huge deal. It is all included in the one low price, no money lost.

Travel for business? You can extend your stay Friday night when a Spartan Race syncs up with your schedule.

Family reunion or vacation coming up in the summer? Perhaps you can convince them to do it near a Spartan Race venue. After all, “The race is already paid for.” you can tell them.

You can call yourself a Season ‘Ticket’ Holder to a sporting event you participate in rather than watch.

Accumulation of numerous “Spartan Race” t-shirts, photographs and finisher medals to show off of Facebook.

Great, now that you have decided to get the pass, stay tuned for how to get to and from the races affordably and have the best performance possible.

Get your Season Pass HERE.

Who is Christopher Rutz?

Christopher is a member of the juwi Solar Obstacle Racing, has 6 top three finishes in Spartan Races this year and is the current leader of 2012 Spartan Race Points Series. He manages a health and fitness blog, and a Facebook page, Tough Training.  We’ll be featuring his blogs about how to travel Spartan style over the next few months.

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