Signature Founder’s WOD:  Spartan Buck Furpees Day

Master WOD Archive

by Joe Desena and Jason Jaksetic

Burpees suck.  They hurt.  Overall they just break you down physically and mentally.  (Especially when you get a 30 burpee penalty well into your Spartan Race while you can’t feel your exhausted arms.)

Burpees turn your internal furnace on HIGH. They force you to put out a huge effort as you confront your ability to be in control of your own body.  Your metabolism will be on fire after Spartan Buck Furpee day. Also, it will give you the confidence to know that you can handle a 30 burpee penality at a Spartan Race.  Not to mention that the burpee is a great recipe for getting lean muscle.

Tomorrow, to honor the 300 men that went into battle in Thermopolye (and burpees in general), do 300 burpees as fast as you can.  Do 300 as slowly as you can.  Whatever.  Just do them.  300 of them.  Let this WOD last all day if you have to!  Forward the link to this blog to your boss if you have some kind of embarrassing and awkward moment as you are caught doing burpees on the job.

At Spartan HQ, we often chase a set of 300 burpees with a long run.  Hope to hear about your experiences with Spartan Buck Furpees Day in the comments below and on our Facebook Wall.

How to Do Proper Spartan Burpees

You should burn between 600 and 1000 calories depending on how hard you attack this.  If done with meticulous form and fast movements you’ll understand how much training you can fit into one burpee rep.

Few movements hit as many muscle groups and deliver such an intense a cardiovascular workout.  Burpees are huge bang for your buck in terms of time spent/results.

After performing 10, no matter how fresh you are, you will be breathing heavily. After performing 300 consecutively, you’ll be on the floor for 15 minutes like a boxer down for the count.

Burpees basically combine a squat, pushup, and vertical leap.  Execute each move as an firm, deliberate, and controlled movement.  (Just surf YOUTUBE and you’ll see plenty of good burpee demonstrations).

Own the burpees or the burpees will own you.