by Carrie Adams

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Spartan Races are grueling endurance events designed to push you physically and mentally through obstacles and trail running.  Fueling your body for a long distance run on Spartan Race day is a critical part of being successful and kicking ass without cramping, fainting, and letting the Spartans with pugil sticks take you out before you cross the finish line.

For Spartan events, I recommend the same kind of preparation I use for full and half marathons.  A few weeks before your event, work as many raw veggies into your diet as you can.  This helps clear out your intestinal walls of build up so you can effectively absorb the good stuff when you really need it.  Additionally, eliminating dairy from your diet helps avoid excess mucous build-up, which can interfere with effective respiration while you run.

On race day, you can get off to the right start by consuming the proper amount of fluid and glycogen (sugar) stores that you will just maintain as you race.   I always tell people that you want to be done eating two hours before your event.  Just be mindful of when your wave starts and plan accordingly.  Eating too close to an event can lead to an upset stomach or can negatively interact with your body’s natural insulin response.  Get to bed early so you can get up and get prepared–there’s plenty of time to party AFTER you run.  For each city that hosts a Spartan Race I have created smoothie recipes that are the perfect pre-race fuel.   Look for those a day or two before the event.

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by Carrie Adams

Ah, yes… it’s that time again… Spartan Race time!  You know that that means!?   I have a healthy, nutritious Spartan Race smoothie recipe in honor of our upcoming venue – the one and only Miami, Florida.  I gotta admit Florida’s pretty hot as a training ground.  Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the United States whose borders encompass two national parks. You can hike through pristine Everglades National Park or ride on glass-bottom boats across Biscayne National Park.

663 miles of beaches along 1,800 miles of coastline make for some pretty rad runs in the sand.  (Don’t worry, Floridians, I won’t tell anyone that your highest elevation point is… wait for it…a HILL that boasts an elevation point of a whopping 345 feet.) That doesn’t deter the over 1,000 people that move to Florida every day.  Not too shabby…with all the citrus rocking in Florida, that became the focus for this sparkling citrusy concoction.  Get after it on race day, Spartan Nation.  Let’s see your tan lines!

Miami Spartan Smoothie

Splash of lemon juice

½ cup coconut milk

Juice of 1/2 a grapefruit (share the other half with a friend)

1/2 cup fresh orange or tangerine juice

2 tablespoons Agave nectar

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

Small handful of almonds

1 frozen banana (they blend better when frozen)

1/2 cup ice cubes

Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse, until desired consistency.  Enjoy!

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