Snap Infusion® delivers the Official SUPERCANDY® of the 2013 Reebok Spartan Race, available on course alongside water. But what makes SUPERCANDY so special and why should you make sure to grab one of those shiny little SUPERCANDY packs next time that you’re on course?

Because SUPERCANDY packs just the right amount of kick to keep you charging full-speed ahead to the finish line!

A full pack of SUPERCANDY contains more electrolytes than leading sports drinks. Electrolytes are essential to keeping you healthy and hydrated, especially when you’re losing valuable fluids and minerals by through sweat – something everyone experiences at a Spartan Race! Electrolytes also help prevent and alleviate the symptoms from cramping—and as every Spartan knows, you want to avoid cramping on course at all costs!

Did you know that SUPERCANDY also contains more antioxidants than a cup of fresh blueberries? Antioxidants help strengthen and protect your immune system by cleaning free radicals out of your bloodstream.

SUPERCANDY is also chock full of B vitamins, which give you a natural, healthy burst of energy. Unlike with caffeine and excessive sugar, this natural source of energy won’t leave you feeling shaky and like you’re about to crash. Which is awesome, because if there is one thing that you can always use more of at a Spartan Race, it would definitely be energy!

So go ahead, pound down a few SUPERCANDY samples when you’re really starting to feel the burn. SUPERCANDY comes in five types of awesome including MEL, GUMMY, BEAN, TART and GUM. Prepare to be SUPER with SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY available at a variety of retailers including The Home Depot, City Sports and Whole Foods Market.

Performance Never Tasted So Good.

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SNAP Infusion, one of Spartan Race’s newest partners, are the creators of SUPERCANDY and the official SUPERCANDY of Spartan Race for the 2013 season.  They made their debut at the Spartan Race at Citi Field. At 2013 U.S. events, SNAP Infusion will set up aid stations on the course providing SUPERCANDY to athletes to help get them through the race, and compete at their very best.

In addition, SNAP Infusion is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a charity that brings health to millions of children throughout the world.  They recently launched a program, SUPER MOMS, that will be running through Mother’s Day and will feature special Spartan Race SUPER MOMS! We will be highlighting the SUPERMOMS of the Spartan Race Series, because we believe that every mom is super, and we are searching for the perfect pairing of the Super Spartan Moms whether it be for personal accomplishment, family or a cause. In a few weeks, we will also be launching a fundraiser page on where we will encourage SPARTANS to Compete For a Cause with a fundraiser to complete a spartan race and raise money for Vitamin Angels–info to come.

The first SUPER MOM selected is Katie Vescelus who is participating in the Indiana Spartan Race with her family. Mother to two sons, Magnus and Matthias she helped change the health habits of her whole family after her son Matthias was diagnosed with cancer. Now in recovery from cancer, Matthias, who we profiled earlier this week, is a St. Baldrick’s ambassador and will be taking on the Spartan kid’s race.

Lauren Formalarie, spokesperson for SNAP Infusion says, “Katie touched us in such a way that we are so excited to share her inspirational story as a part of our program SUPER MOMs of the Spartan Race. Her passion, drive and commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle are so close to the vision of SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY. It takes a very special person to be a MOM and as every mom is truly SUPER, this is our way of sharing the stories of strong women across the country.”

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