by Carrie Adams

trifecta-badgeThe Spartan Race schedule in 2011 was a brutal one.  From the mountains of Vermont to the flat grounds of Texas, the foothills of SoCal and the muddy, sticky Midwest all-terrain sites, we put Spartans all over the globe through their paces.  With our trademark colors and unique medals, Spartans traveled far and wide to claim Spartan glory and bring home the hardware and the unforgettable memories.

Out of our schedule that included the three Spartan distances:  Sprint (red), Super (blue), Beast (green) there was but one Beast in Killington, VT and there were fewer than 100 who earned the right to call themselves Trifecta Tribe when the year was said and done.

Spartan Trifecta Tribe members are a rare breed of Spartan Racer that, in just one calendar race year, they completed the short and fast Spartan Sprint, the longer tougher Super Spartan, and the toughest and longest of all… the Spartan Beast.

Check out our new page that highlights the Trifecta Tribe of 2011.  Then step up in 2012 and compete and finish at least one race in all three distances. Then, you will be worthy of being on this list and earn your official patch and tribe membership!  We have Season Passes still available so you can get your Spartan fix and your membership all year long.  Head over to, check out the schedule and commit to make your 2012 memorable.

If you want to get inducted in the Spartan Trifecta Tribe you have to put in the work.  See you in 2012.


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thebeast-35Spartan Race is always looking for GREAT sponsors.  We aren’t a “mud run” or an “event” we’re a race in the emerging sport of obstacle racing.  We care about our athletes, we tell their stories, prepare them for races with training and nutrition, and look to encourage a healthy lifestyle that can be shared and appreciated in families and communities.  Our goal is to help all our athletes find their finish line.

We have a FB page and Twitter account where we talk about workouts of the day and ways to stay motivated and strong, we blog about our athletes and tell our event stories on our Spartan TV channel and Radio show.

What are we looking for?  Brands that share in the passion, performance, competitive spirit, and the forever living in the moment attitude that Spartans have!  Our athletes are defining our emerging sport of obstacle racing and we want strong sponsors to be a part of that evolution.

We would like to hear from YOU, the Spartan Army, as to who you might know, who youthebeast-37might be able to suggest, and who you would like to see Spartan Race build a continuing and forging relationship with going forward.

So what can you do?  If you work for, have a connection to, or a relationship with a company that fits that description, please email sponsors@spartanrace.comand be sure to include:

1. Name of the company.

2. Point of contact name.

3. Contact number and email.

4. How you know the point of contact, if it isn’t you.

5. YOUR contact info.

A warm accepting lead is the best way to introduce a new brand to our amazing platform of Spartan Race.

What’s in in it for you?  If the sponsorship becomes executed, you and a Guest will receive a Free Season Pass for the 2012 upcoming Spartan Race Season!  Not too shabby…


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by Carrie Adams

thebeast-20On August 7, 2011, Spartan Race surpassed half a million fans on Facebook.  At 4:29 CST, Jared Griffin of New Haven clicked the “like” button and just like that, a little piece of Spartan History was made.  As a company, we’ve grown in size, but as a race we’ve always been committed to a mission of bringing one of the most unique and challenging experiences to you and 2012 promises to continue doing just that. 

2011 has been memorable.  From the frigid conditions of our Temecula Super Spartan where we were first introduced to the phenom athlete Hobie Call, to the treacherous and dramatic Death Race where Joe Decker and Grace Cuomo Durfee’s inspired finishes made them recognizable faces in the Spartan Race lineage of athletes.  From Utah’s epic Super Spartan highlighted in the backdrop of an Olympic Village to the Mountains of Vermont and the unexpected upset from of a Canadian Olympic biathlete, Marc-Andre Bedard who surpassed Hobie Call, taking the top spot on the podium.  thebeast-63

We’ve been introduced to Alec Benis, a 16 year old up and comer, Spartan’s own Barn Beast Jason Jaksetic and his epic 100 mile snow shoe battle, and Lindsey Scherf, Olympic hopeful and Georgia first female.  In New York, we introduced you to Danelle Ballangee a professional Endurance Athlete who cheated death only to make a triumphant comeback in Tuxedo, NY.   Alfredo Dinton, of Biggest Loser who raced alongside his family and Al Harrington, professional basketball player who at 6’9” tall is ramping up to take on Staten Island. 

261634_1912312483913_1124910036_32042792_5320293_nBut it’s also the untold stories of the men, women, and families who have been forever changed by Spartan Races that have shaped our company and left an imprint in the soul of our race.  The Wounded Warriors who trained alongside Tito Ortiz and a special Spartan Course in Southern California, the epic proposal at the Virginia finish line, the honeymoon in the Carolinas, and the emergence of Spartan chicks on the racing scene. 

Our season isn’t over, Glen Rose, TX will serve as our 2011 Spartan Final complete with cash prizes for our top finishers male and female, but we are taking a moment to look ahead to 2012 and the amazing things we have in store for you, our Spartan athletes. 

The Spartan Obstacle Racing series has come a long way in the last two years.  Born out of the Death Race in 1995, we’ve thebeast-2constantly been striving to give our athletes a one-of-a-kind racing experience.  Expecting the unexpected and always pushing limits, our races are like no other out there.  Not just running, not just obstacles, we give our athletes a sense of accomplishment you just can’t get in any other sport.  We help all our athletes meet their goals, while battling towards the finish line alongside some of the toughest athletes on the planet.  We encourage a healthy lifestyle based on solid nutrition and training as a way of living not just a means of preparing for race day. 

2012 will bring us into new territory.  The epic inaugural Killington Beast Race was a resounding success and with YOUR overwhelming requests, we are taking the Beast world-wide and adding new venues to our season.  Additionally, we’ll be holding a progressive racing schedule allowing each region to experience a Spartan Sprint, a Super Spartan and a Spartan Beast in that order by region so athletes have the opportunity to build up to our longest races. 

thebeast-702012 will introduce our Spartan Trifecta.  The award given to Spartans who earn a Red Sprint, Blue Super, and Green Beast medal in one season.  It will be the ultimate Spartan glory and honor, earned on the toughest battlefields our Race Directors and Course Designers can throw at you.

2012 will redefine how race photography is done.  All digital prints captured by our phenomenal photographers from Nuvision Action Image will be FREE for our Spartan Athletes as part of your paid registration.  No catch, no gimmicks, just the opportunity for you to keep the images you earned on the course. 

Our 2012 racing season kicks off in October 2011 and ends in September 2012 withthebeast-1 the Vermont Beast serving as the Obstacle Racing World Championships.  Each race’s top 10 male and top 10 female athletes will automatically qualify for Worlds in a cash prize competitive heat.  But all Spartans will be able to register for the Vermont Beast and run the race that will draw athletes from our U.K. and Canadian races as well giving a platform for our global athletes to run side by side.  

SRNY1_LR_0575Teams will be able to compete at each event, regardless of heat.  All athletes will maintain an individual time, but additionally racing teams of all sizes will be timed based on the first four racers who cross the finish line.  Those four times will lock in the team time making the whole team eligible for a team prize awarded after all heats have finished. 

Here are some highlights for the 2012 season:

  • 2012 Season begins in October 2011 so the first 2012 World’s qualifier race is October 15th in Chicago.
  • 2012 races will feature a Sprint, Super, and Beast in each region. 
  • 2012 will introduce our Spartan Trifecta Challenge. 
  • 2012 will bring the Beast overseas and Spartan Races into new venues and cities. 
  • 2012 will have FREE digital prints from all Nuvision Action Image photographers and affiliates from race day. 
  • 2012 Season passes will be available for purchase for all Spartans who want unlimited access to our races. 
  • Teams will be a part of the competition and awarded for their efforts.
  • World Championship in Vermont in September 2012.

carolinas-65More details will be coming with specifics, and as always, our event pages and FAQ’s serve as great resources for questions you might have.  And keep up with Spartan TV and Spartan Radio for all the latest Spartan news and highlights!

In this season of firsts, we wish to thank the Spartans who have been with us and welcome first time racers and athletes to Spartan Race.  Ultimately, we all have the same line to cross, the same miles to log and obstacles to overcome.  So, come find out what it feels like to be a Spartan.  You’ll know at the finish line.