Spartan’s Agora grill will be stepping it up a notch in the Carolina’s teaming up with Red’s BBQ!  Featured on the Food Network, Red’s BBQ is the best in the Carolinas.  BBQ is infamous in the South and we’re bringing our Spartan racers the best in the region.  According to Red’s BBQ their hickory smoked mouth-watering BBQ is like no other. They cook their BBQ with low heat for 14 hours until the moist, tender meat is literally falling off the bone.

Unlike many other caterers, they make their products from scratch and prepare them fresh daily from their commissary.

They use only hams to make their pork BBQ. Using hams provides hungry Spartans with a better quality product PLUS there is less gristle and less fat but more meat per serving.  What’s not to love about that!


The menu will be:

Pulled Pork BBQ with coleslaw and beans and as a veggie option we’ll be dishing up fresh cut mixed veggies with a dressing for dipping sauce.  We’ll also have homemade sweet tea and lemonade and a Light Beer that has been made especially for our event called “Spartan Light.”

Remember that it’s cash only!  The venue doesn’t allow coolers food, and drinks pas the gates so take advantage of the incredible food that will be onsite!

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