By Brian Ansley

SONY DSC                     Love is certainly in the air at Spartan Race!

What is more romantic than 8 miles of mud, blood, sweat, and barbwire? Well, nothing according to our Super Spartan challengers and newly ELOPED Tom and Mickey Pike!

An email to Spartan Headquarters June 21st stated, “Sorry we’re getting back to you so late but we had to trail run today, get married, go out to eat, you know, normal stuff … LOL!  We are very excited about having our Super Spartan Honeymoon!!” These two newlyweds are headed to South Carolina Saturday for a passionate day of traditional Spartan entertainment.  This amazing couple ELOPED Tuesday, June 21st, and are celebrating their honeymoon with the Super Spartan in South Carolina!

Says Tom, “ We’re hoping we can jump over a sword or something before the race to make it a true Spartan Wedding with the race as our Honeymoon…. Let’s face it, anyone can go to a resort for their honeymoon, but a Spartan Honeymoon will prove to you that you can depend on each other to survive the challenges of a marriage… “

Tom and Mickey are no strangers to physical challenges. They are both are avid12_10 mountain bike racers. Tom races in Expert Class, while Mickey does an outstanding job in Sport Class. This couple is part of several running and bike clubs, have participated in numerous races, and they both placed in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon.

Tom and Mickey first met while Mickey was working at a summer camp in Maine near a town where Tom’s family has a vacation home. “The rest is history”, as Tom put it.  And if you call his voicemail his parting words, “Has anyone told you, YOU ARE TERRIFIC?”

SONY DSC                     Tom and Mickey currently reside in Miami, FL. Tom is the lead teacher for the Film and Entertainment Technology Program, at Design and Architecture Senior High School. He’s most likely the coolest teacher in all of Miami as well. Mickey is the head physical education teacher at North Beach Elementary School in Miami Beach, FL. When she is not teaching physical education, Mickey is also the Gymnastics Program Director for the City of Miami Beach, and MBJCC.  Tom and Mickey strongly insist on everybody coming out this Saturday to the Carolinas for the Super Spartan, and joining them for their intense celebration. So bring your loved one with you, and come celebrate with Tom and Mickey! Mud, blood, sweat, and barbwire! Now that’s romance Spartan style!  (They even have themed outfits!)