In light of the new 12 our Hurricane Heat that now stands as part of the qualifying for entry into the Death Race, Spartan Race are proud to announce the arrival of the new Hurricane Heat coordinator, Spartan Pro Team athlete and Death Race veteran, Anthony Matesi. 

Clearly very excited about his role at Spartan Race, Anthony said, “I bring with me the knowledge gained from hosting three 20-25 hour events that I built around the idea of Death Race preparation. Trying to break as many racers in less time to simulate the experience. That knowledge will be translated into a 12 hour event that will break you down and, if you don’t break, build you back up.”

Drawing on not only his experience as a Pro Team and Elite racer, but also from taking part in the Death Race, Anthony knows what the Hurricane Heat is about, what it needs and how those choosing to taking part expect to happen. (link)

“Those who want to complete a HH better know and possess the 7 pillars of Spartan; stamina, power, athleticism, readiness, tenacity, attitude, and nutrition,” he explains.

“Team work and individual challenges that will test you ability to adapt and react. The typical heavy lifting, off course exploration and camaraderie development will remain the staples of what an HH is.”

The Hurricane Heat is for experienced competitors and first timers alike. The same sense of camaraderie and togetherness is how people will get through. For those unfamiliar with the Hurricane Heat, Anthony explains, “there are no timing chips. Challenges will take place on and off the Spartan course and will often times require a team effort. You will do burpees. You will carry heavy objects, both individually and as a team. Mental toughness and quickness will be tested. You may have to memorize something individually or as a team. You can expect a HH to go up to 4 hours so you’ll need food and hydration and an HH12HR will obviously go up to 12 hours. 

For more information about the Hurricane Heat, click here.

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Spartan Race is committed to being the world leader in the sport of Obstacle Racing. We recently announced that every one of our US races would have prize money to attract top talent to our races. Now we are pleased to announce the signing of the top athletes in the sport. These athletes are sponsored by Spartan Race and will represent Spartan Race at our events and other events across the globe.

Looking to find out more about these talented obstacle racers? Follow the Spartan Blog and Spartan Race Facebook page to see regular posts and advice from the team on the daily WODs and your general questions. Check out their profiles on Spartan Pages You can also follow them on their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… Most importantly you will be seeing them at our races. You can line up next to them in our Elite heats, you can talk to them before and after the race in our festival area and at our host hotels. They are here to motivate and inspire you to reach your goals in the sport.

Obstacle Racing keeps getting better and better and Spartan Race continues to lead the way.

Spartan Race Pro Team for 2013


Alec Blenis, age 19 from Georgia

Shawn Feiock 35 Texas

Brakken Kraker 25 Wisconsin

David Magida 27 Washington, DC –

Hunter McIntyre 24 California

Miguel Medina 25 California

Elliott Megquier 25 New York

Cody Moat 35 Utah

Alexander Nicholas 34 New York

Christopher Rutz 44 Arizona


TyAnn Clark 32 Utah

Andi Hardy 43 Georgia

Rose Marie Jarry 29 Quebec

Ella Kociuba 20 Texas

Corinne Kohlen 32 California

April Luu 34 Colorado

Hannah Orders 23 North Carolina

Ang Reynolds 33 California

Juliana Sproles 43 California

Leslie St. Louis 36 Colorado

Jenny Tobin 45 Idaho

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In this installment of “How To”, Elite Pro Team athlete Miguel Medina shows us how to get past the Atlas carry without too much worry.

With each person comes different skill, strength and technique levels. Just bear in mind that simple golden rule: lift with your legs, not your back!

Use this technique at your next Spartan Race and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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