My name is Kristen Schell and I have been doing Spartan Races for about two years now. Although I have been busy as a full time student and working a full time job, I’ve still managed to find tome for some races.  I have a great one from last year’s Palmerton Race!

I arrived at this even with no sneakers. I suppose I forgot to pack them as I was in such a hurry…don’t ask me why I was so stupid!  It was almost a disaster!

Despite the drastic oversight, I decided to suck it up and run the race barefoot.  Yep, barefoot.  I’ve never done that before!  It took me almost two hours to complete, but the amazing people I met along the way made it all possible for me to stumble across the finish line.

One particular girl around my age was passing me until she noticed I was wearing nothing on my feet…and the next thing I know she had her arms around me, helping me stumble down the rocky hill – I never did catch her name.

I have never even ran barefoot in my life (well, maybe in the backyard chasing my dog when I was 8).  Let me tell you, this was not the easiest trail, either. I think half of the course was gravel…ouch.  It was certainly a new experience! But, I finished, I could hardly walk, but I made it…with the help of some hot water and Epsom salts, I was walking like normal (three days later.)

Never say I can’t. Because you will amaze yourself one day. That is my Spartan Story.

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