By Carrie Adams

clip_image002Hobie Call is a wanted man and it’s coming down to a game of numbers. Five Spartan Race victories in five cities: Eight miles in 57:51 – Temecula, CA. Eight miles in 51:20- Chandler, AZ. Three miles in 28:13- Smithville, TX. Eight miles in 59:13 – Miami, FL. Three miles in 34:23 – Conyers, GA. The average time between Call and second place: 3.7 minutes. In racing these distances, that’s an eternity. Did we mention there are a dozen or so obstacles dropped into the race like scaling over walls, throwing spears, crawling under barbed wire, crossing deep water, carrying heavy buckets, and avoiding large Spartan Gladiators with pugil sticks?

One goal: 19 wins for $100,000 prize. And one man is in a position to take it home.  Call is on a quest to win every domestic Spartan Race to earn the payday. He can lose up to two of the Spartan Races, but he has to win the Death Race in June – that’s a requirement. With five out of the 19 races in the books and no promising challengers on the horizon, it appears that Hobie Call may just be unbeatable. With New York in sight, he’s preparing for another race and a whole new crop of challengers.

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by Carrie Adams

On May 7th I headed down south to meet up with Texas Spartan women Anja, Sierra, and Lauren and to compete in the Run the Jailbreak event in Austin, Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and as we learned last weekend, that applies to mud as well. Race Director Tim Scriver knows how to throw a muddy party and we have the shoes to prove it.

We met a lot of Spartans who ran our Austin Spartan Sprint on March 26th, met several already signed up for our December Super Spartan in Glen Rose and the Jailbreak in Dallas on September 17th and introduced ourselves to the neighborhood. Of course we ran the race too. We don’t show up and not throw down. The Jailbreak had us hopping cop cars, diving through mud puddle after mud puddle, and our personal favorite, the slip ‘n’ slide near the end of the course. Overall, it was 3.1 trail miles of pure fun!

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