thebeast-35Spartan Race is always looking for GREAT sponsors.  We aren’t a “mud run” or an “event” we’re a race in the emerging sport of obstacle racing.  We care about our athletes, we tell their stories, prepare them for races with training and nutrition, and look to encourage a healthy lifestyle that can be shared and appreciated in families and communities.  Our goal is to help all our athletes find their finish line.

We have a FB page and Twitter account where we talk about workouts of the day and ways to stay motivated and strong, we blog about our athletes and tell our event stories on our Spartan TV channel and Radio show.

What are we looking for?  Brands that share in the passion, performance, competitive spirit, and the forever living in the moment attitude that Spartans have!  Our athletes are defining our emerging sport of obstacle racing and we want strong sponsors to be a part of that evolution.

We would like to hear from YOU, the Spartan Army, as to who you might know, who youthebeast-37might be able to suggest, and who you would like to see Spartan Race build a continuing and forging relationship with going forward.

So what can you do?  If you work for, have a connection to, or a relationship with a company that fits that description, please email sponsors@spartanrace.comand be sure to include:

1. Name of the company.

2. Point of contact name.

3. Contact number and email.

4. How you know the point of contact, if it isn’t you.

5. YOUR contact info.

A warm accepting lead is the best way to introduce a new brand to our amazing platform of Spartan Race.

What’s in in it for you?  If the sponsorship becomes executed, you and a Guest will receive a Free Season Pass for the 2012 upcoming Spartan Race Season!  Not too shabby…


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by Carrie Adams

Spartan Race has teamed up with some amazing visualis artists to bring our race into your living room and bring the experience to life.  One of our amazing partners is HotSeat Media, a company who first found Spartan Race when they were shooting a series on chronic pain and MMA fighters.  They take all the amazing footage you see on Spartan Race TV.

I recently spoke with Logan Mosier to discuss the young company, the amazing HD, and stories that they hope to tell through the eyes of our Spartan Racers.

“So we have been around as a company for a little over a year and we have been doing a lot of different things – homeless advocacy, Boston Scientific, and the Pain Channel.  The Pain Channel is published every week and we did a piece for the pain channel for the MMA lab, they were really excited about the Spartan Race.  It got our attention.”

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