[Editor’s Note: Irene Mallano, author of Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes recently took on the Staten Island Super Spartan with her teammates inspiring her friends and family in the process.]

by Irene Mallano

309129_259300997441735_100000855117589_736014_421652255_nI always try to inspire people in all that I do, so I am VERY excited to share my thoughts on how you can do anything you set your mind too, regardless of age or size. In the beginning of the year I knew this was the BIG 40 for me, so after watching the biggest loser #10, I was inspired by Alfredo “Frado” Dinten on the show from my hometown and said I am going to follow that path. Every time I would see any type of endurance race I would think OMG I could never do that! If you look up the word athlete I surely would not be there, but I do know you’ll find me listed under determination…and now as a Spartan Chick! yeah’

Every day has its own challenges as we push ourselves to overcome the best we can. Having a daughter with Juvenile Diabetes I know this first hand, so when she said, Mommy “I want to do the juinor race because I know I can”, I said sure. It is a great feeling to know that at 9yrs old she has already learned to NEVER let anything stop you from trying, plus she finished in 12th place.

I had the honor to run with Team_Frado in the NY Super Spartan. During one of the mud runs I met two angels, BL season #8 winner Danny Cahill and his beautiful wife Darcy in which we instantly connected and was proud to run alongside till the last obstacle. Spartan is about so much more than a race, it is an opportunity to get out of your comfort box and feel a level of accomplishment that you never knew existed. The term “You’ll know at the finish line” can truly only be explained by going through it. There is a surreal and empowering feeling as you complete each obstacle and move on not knowing what is ahead but having the confidence you’ll make it through. We emulate what we see, and our children see us as positive role models, which is important to their future. Don’t wait for something, to start something… Just take the 1st step!

If you are reading this and think you can’t do the Spartan Race, you can…and you won’t know unless you try. Go for it! In January I started by walking, by April I was running. In June, I did my first Triathlon with my childhood best friend, Miki and now I can say I finished the NY Super Spartan in September. What’s next, who knows? I might just be addicted to living life to the fullest….

Irene & Madison Mallano ~ NY Super Spartan Finisher’s
Authors of “Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes?”

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by Carrie Adams

At Thermopylae on the final morning, when the last surviving Spartans knew they were all going to die, they turned to the warrior Dienekes and asked what they should hold in their minds to keep their courage strong. He instructed his comrades: “Fight for this alone: the man who stands at your shoulder. He is everything, and everything is contained within him.”

The soldier’s prayer today on the eve of battle remains, “Lord, let me not prove unworthy of my brothers.” (from the Warrior Ethos)

Staten Island Super Spartan 2012Spartan Race pits athletes against the clock in an obstacle course filled with unknown challenges, rugged trails, and unforgiving terrain.  Athletes like Hobie Call come out on race day to take home the top spot, but not all athletes come to race.  Many, in fact, don’t even come alone.  They come with friends, family, and co-workers and race together in teams. 

At our recent event in Staten Island, a group of former Biggest Loser competitorsStaten Island Super Spartan 2012 including Season 10’s second place finisher Frado Dinten came out to race on “Team Frado”  with those they’ve inspired with their weight loss journey and they crossed the finish line together, an accomplishment best experienced as a group. 

Competitive and non-competitive alike, these teams encourage motivate and support each other before, during and after the race.  They train together, set goals and overcome the obstacles shoulder to shoulder.  Sometimes being a teammate is helping your fellow racer over the wall and sometimes it’s helping them believe that they can do it themselves. 

Staten Island Super Spartan 2012Registering as a team has other benefits… you save money and your team can earn donations to Homes for Troops as well.  You can become part of a team to help yourself and others get through the event, save money, and support our troops.

How does it work?

Register as a team and add members! The more people you can get to join your team, the more money you will get back in your pocket! We will give you a percentage off of your registration fees. So you will be rewarded, before you even finish the race.

Spartan Race - team with US flagHow many people are needed to make a team?

Teams are unlimited in how BIG they can get but there is a minimum of four people! Team members are timed individually and are not required to cross the finish line together.

Which team takes home the prizes?

The fastest 4 times of the team will be used to calculate the team’s finishing time. Prizes will be awarded to the team who finishes on top!

Ready to Register? 

Registering for a team is easy, whether it’s new or you need to join one that’s already signed up!  From our Registration site, you can start a team, join an existing team, and manage teams once they’ve been set up!

Finding the finish line may be the goal for everyone who heads out to a Spartan Race but no one ever said you had to do it alone. 


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by Carrie Adams

Undeterred by torrential rainfall Friday, Spartan Race’s Super Spartan presented by Dolphin Fitness went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Wolfe’s Pond Park.  Lots of muddy mayhem lay in wait for the Spartan athletes brave enough to take on the eight mile course.

DSCN2098A new feature you’ll be seeing at upcoming races is the Hurricane Heat and Staten Island was the second installment of the new series of heats put on by Spartan Race at our events.  Starting in the early morning and before dawn, the Hurricane Heaters of Staten Island set off on the course led by Joe DeSena, Spartan Staffers (myself included), and with headlamps lighting the way on the muddy course.  Part Death Race camp, part team “fun” run, this early heat incorporated additional punishment and physical challenges inside the race course.  Thirty burpees were issued at every obstacle and picking up logs, rocks, and sometimes each other along the course, the final Hurricane Heaters came across the line, some being buddy carried for some extra toughness, after nearly four hours on the trail.

DSCN2154As the Hurricane Heaters were wrapping up, the competitive heat was just getting their day started!  Taking off at 9 AM, they attacked the course and Hobie Call, 34, once again ruled the day taking the top spot with a time of 56:03.  He was followed by Junyong Pak, 33, with a time of 1:00:22 and Matthew Kepler, 22, took third with a time of 1:01:09.  The ladies had a fantastic showing as well!  Stephanie Vaughan, 32, took first place female with a time of 1:16:37 followed by Una Broderick, 30, 1:21:26 and Courtney Kistler, 30, close behind with a time of 1:21:53.

DSCN2120Al Harrington, Jersey Native and Denver Nuggets star also took on the brutal course finishing in just over an hour and a half.  He ran alongside fellow Spartan athletes on the 8 mile course and had a lot of fun doing it!  Team Frado and his group of Biggest Loser runners also had a great showing at the race!  Their efforts and accomplishments are inspiring!

311379_10150289624796082_608446081_8341044_997695512_nThe star of the show on race day had to be the course itself.  Designed by Nick Moore and built by Russell Cohen, Nick, and the dedicated Spartan Race build team it made the beautiful venue of Wolfe’s Pond Park memorable for anyone who ran it despite rainy conditions during the build process!  The course featured some great single track trails, creek running, some of our signature obstacles near spectator areas including a barbed wire crawl, slippery walls, spear throws, and of 296970_10150319978619033_601879032_8025143_1691774055_n (1)course our Spartan Gladiator pit near the finish.  Beach running was another unique feature of this race with two portions of the course going over sand.  The crowing jewel of the event was the culvert crawl spanning five lanes of traffic.  Athletes swam beneath the highway in chest deep water to lead them to a two and a half mile loop in the woods.  Coming back they swam again under the culvert to get back to the course and head back towards the finish.

303291_2371759222773_1514303834_32529137_107150313_nThe kids race, always a fun event, featured our littlest Spartans taking on a tough course of their own!  They did a great job in their 12:05 PM heat and the spectators got quite a show as they climbed cargo nets, ran the beach, traversed balance beams, crawled under ropes, and got nice and muddy in the process!

It was a memorable day in a great venue.  If you missed your chance to get some Spartan Gear, head over to our online store and order something to wear proudly after your amazing finishes on Saturday!

A big thanks to our volunteers for their help on race day with all the details!  Many more stories about our amazing event in Staten Island, including a wrap-up on Spartan Radio Tuesday night at 10PM/9PM Central time.  From everyone at Spartan Race, we would just want to THANK our athletes and their family and friends for coming out to spend the day with Spartan Race.  We loved having over 4,500 athletes and over nearly 2,000 Spectators come rock it with us on Saturday.


Want to get registered?  Want to know what it feels like to call yourself a Spartan?  Get registered.  You’ll know at the finish line.


Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who helped make SI fantastic!  Dolphin Fitness our Presenting Sponsor, Air National Guard & Rise to the Challenge Tour, 180 Body Clinic & Musceology, Army, CKO Staten Island, Intoxx Fitness, Apex Wrestling, Museum Replicas who does all our amazing trophies, Powerade, and Zico!


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toronto-20The Sept. 24 event, presented by Dolphin Fitness of Staten Island, is an eight-plus mile Super Spartan – a trail run with over 15 obstacles. Competition is expected to attract 7,500 weekend warriors on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Wolfe’s Pond Park Preserve. Races start at 9 a.m. and continue every 30 minutes until approximately 3 p.m.  Children ages 5 to 13 can compete in the Junior Spartan Adventure on a specially-designed ½-mile course at 12:05 p.m. on Saturday. Proceeds benefit the Max Cure Foundation (www.maxcurefoundation.org).

040816-F-8769K-043At precisely 8:45 a.m., Pararescue Jumpers from the Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing on Long Island will rappel from an HH60 PaveHawk Helicopter near the event site. They will deliver the Spartan Race trophies and then enter the race with 11 other Air National Guard service members. The ANG’s Rise to the Challenge Tour will be onsite where attendees can simulate real-life Air Guard missions (www.GoANG.com).

fradoThe race, which includes former Knick-Denver Nugget forward Al Harrington, 31, and various reality television stars from the hit NBC TV show Biggest Loser like Frado Dinten, will be one for the ages!  “Life is not a straight line,” says race organizer and native New Yorker Joseph DeSena of Spartan Race, Inc. “Spartan Race returns competitors to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life.”

The Spartan Race competition series benefits Homes for our Troops, hoping to raise $400,000 to fully construct a specially adapted home for an injured veteran (www.homesforourtroops.org).

With the inclusion of another installment of the Hurricane Heat, that gives runners the chance to meet and run with the Founders and staff of Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way.  Held at 5:30 AM September 24th on the Staten Island Wolfe’s Pond Park venue it will take you through the course in groups with the goal of just finishing the course.  No chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about… getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start. 

photo (32)Successful finishers earn a finisher medal, a Hurricane Heaters badge, entry into a closed networking group, a finisher t-shirt, and the chance of a lifetime finding the Spartan finish line a Hurricane Heater.   Hurricane Heats will be making appearances at other Spartan Races so stay tuned! 

Only 100 spots to fill… sign up now!  Head to the Staten Island Registration Page to secure your spot! 

Race Director Nick Moore says, “When scouting for a venue in the New York area, my local ambassador in the area said you have to check out Wolfe’s Pond…so I did. I have been putting on events for 15+ years and racing for over 20 years and have never seen the obstacle that is waiting for all those Spartans brave enough to enter as I have seen at this venue. Very unique venue located on Staten Island with skyline views of the city, beaches, sand, wooded single track…need I say more?

This Super Spartan venue will bring athletes through the main event site area twice before the finish of this 8 mile course. This will give those family members and friends that want to come out and watch plenty of times to watch those Spartans challenging themselves against what mother nature has created and what we at Spartan Race have creative.”

Pre-Race Packet Pick up!  Stop by the day before your race at Roadrunner Sports and pick up your registration pack to beat the lines on race day!  From 4 – 7 PM, Friday, September 23rd at the New Brunswick store.  Also, receive 10% off any store purchase and be entered into a raffle for a new pair of running shoes!.  Look for Spartan Race registration signs. There is race day packet pick-up as well.

North Brunswick Store
The Shoppes at North Brunswick
501 Shoppes Blvd.
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 214-8808

Race Location: Wolfe’s Pond Park Hylan Blvd and Cornelia Avenue (Between Seguine Avenue and Luten Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10308

These schedules should help in getting to Wolfes Pond:
Ferry From Manhattan?
Saturday Schedule click here
Staten Island Rapid Transit (Train)?
Schedule click here


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103943334GE007_NuggetsFormer NY Knick and current Denver Nugget Forward will be Racing the Staten Island Super Spartan!

September 24, 2011, Wolfe’s Pond Park, Staten Island

When former N.Y. Knick Al Harrington signed as a forward with the Denver Nuggets in July 2010, little did he know that he would someday return to New York to compete, not in basketball, but in a competition right out of Greek legend.  Our very own Super Spartan!

Harrington, 31, will race alongside 7,500 athletes from the tri-state area on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 at Wolfe’s Pond Park on Staten Island and we couldn’t be more excited!

Harrington, originally from Orange, N.J. and an alumni of St. Patrick’s High School inSPAR - HarringtonAlRunningwithBall Elizabeth, will run through mud, crawl under barbed wire, carry heavy buckets through water, even leap over fire.  Well, we don’t want to give too much away of the race, but it will by our typical, atypical Spartan fare. 

The Staten Island event is an eight-plus mile Super Spartan – a trail run with over 15 obstacles. Competition is expected to attract 7,500 weekend warriors on Sept. 24 at Wolfe’s Pond Park Preserve, Hylan Blvd. and Cornelia Avenue (between Seguine and Luten Avenues).

Harrington will race at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24.

“This competition is definitely outside – way outside – my comfort zone, but I’m hoping to inspire people to focus on finishing despite the obstacles before them,” said Harrington, who stands 6-ft. 9-in. in his size 17 shoes.

“The Spartan Race is all about doing one’s best. Sure it’s great to win, but just as good to know that you came to play, played all the way, and didn’t hold back.”

Adds race founder and native New Yorker Joe DeSena of Pittsfield, Vt., “Life is not a straight line. Spartan Race returns competitors to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life.

“As a professional athlete with 13-years in the pros, Al Harrington will set the pace for the New York competition, a pace that other Spartan racers can test themselves against,” said DeSena.

The Spartan Race competition series benefits Homes for our Troops, hoping to raise $400,000 to fully construct a specially adapted home for an injured veteran (www.homesforourtroops.org).

• For more information: www.spartanrace.com

• To see video of past races: www.spartanrace.tv

• To learn more about Al Harrington: http://alharrington7.com/bio.php

Want to race with Al?  Get registered today!


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by Carrie Adams

On a cold January evening in 2010, twenty-six year old Gerald Veneziano got in his car at home in Clifton, NJ heading for his night shift with the Fairfield Police Department.  He noticed a car pull in behind him and follow his vehicle for over 15 minutes.  He called into the station to have the car pulled over but no one was in proximity so in an empty parking lot, the brave man identified himself as a police officer to his follower.  Before he could react, the suspect pulled out a handgun and began to fire.  Taking bullets Veneziano exited his car to seek cover.  Three shots ripped into his leg crushing his femur and tearing a major artery wide open.  Another shattered his jaw and broke off several teeth leaving him unable to speak.  He somehow managed to return fire but multiple gunshots later, Veneziano lay alone in the abandoned parking lot bleeding out from the torn artery in his leg. 

His car had rolled away in the fire fight forcing him to seek help despite his horrific injuries.  He managed to drag himself 40 yards to the street where a bystander called 911.  He was airlifted to the hosptial where his his life was saved and a drug-induced coma was necessary to let his injuries heal.  A year and a half later, with five major surgeries and months of rehab behind him he just recently returned to active duty.  The man accused of shooting him was apprehended a month and a half after the incident later in an unrelated incident involving what is reported to the the same handgun used in Veneziano’s case and now sits in a mental hospital awaiting a trial.  To date, he’s never admitted committing the crime or given a reason.    
For Veneziano, the damage is lasting.  He will always have nerve damage and he has a rod in his femur to hold it together and screws and a plate in his jaw.  Doctors said he lost so much blood that he should’t be here.  In fact, the cold temperatures may have helped save his life.  Doctors speculate that the 15 degree weather slowed blood loss possibly preventing his death. 
Overcoming obstacles has been the theme of Veneziano’s life for a year and a half.  He knows what hard work can accomplish alongside the support and encouragement of family and friends.  He wants others to know what that feels like.  On September 24th and 25th The Spartan Race will head to Staten Island for an eight mile obstacle race of running, jumping, climbing and crawling, and Veneziano will be in the audience.  Unable to participate in this year’s event he looks forward to future races.
He says, “I wish I could do it!  It sounds like fun – especially if people from work do it together and build comraderie.”
A special  Law Enforcement Challenge has been added to the Staten Island race to which Spartan Race will be donating funds on participating Law Enforcement team’s behalf.  Veneziano is encouraging his co-workers to get signed up for the challenging race saying, “You’d be surprised what your body can do. When I got shot I had to crawl to the road with a broken leg.  As far as long term, I keep working at it.  That kind of hard work will get you far.”

Overcoming obstacles, finding out what’s possible… That’s true Spartan spirit. 

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23271_117771901573650_1481_nSpartan Race has some of the coolest event sponsors on the planet!  We want to give them some love!

BIG shout out to Dolphin Fitness of Staten Island on becoming the Presenting Sponsor for our Staten Island Super Spartan in September. Owners, Mike and Rosario are dedicated to making this Race the very best one of the year!

Please visit them at any of their 3 locations on The Rock if you are interested in training like a Spartan!

Intoxx Fitness 236 Richmond Valley Road Staten Island NY is in the network of Dolphin Fitness Centers and also an official sponsor.

They hold Spartan Race Training Sundays at 6:00 pm at the gym….it’s a killer and open to all! Come get some!

Contact Ralph Barbbato – Certified Master Trainer and Spartan Race Enlisted Member 201-467-1728

Dolphin Fitness

www.dolphinfitnessclubs.com – 3295 Amboy Rd # 5, Staten Island – (718) 987-0400

Dolphin Fitness

www.dolphinfitnessclubs.com – 400 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island – (718) 816-0900

Dolphin Fitness Club

www.dolphinfitnessonline.com – 2071 Clove Road, Staten Island – (718) 815-7900

If you haven’t already, get signed up for the SI event today!

If your company is interested in Spartan sponsorship, email patg@spartanrace.com


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