It’s easy for us to make excuses. We use our schedules, our weight or our age as limiters to keep ourselves from doing things that we are simply too afraid to attempt. But there are people out there who are dedicated to breaking us of these beliefs. One such man is Stefaan Engels, a 51 year old man who, in 2011, ran 365 marathons in 365 days. When asked why he wanted to accomplish such a feat, Mr. Engels explained, “I wanted to inspire people by showing that if I could run a marathon a day for an entire year, that anyone could run or bike a little each day or do something about their weight problem.”.

At 49 years old, Mr. Engels was no spring chicken. However, he explained that the challenge wasn’t so much physical as it was mental. He kept his pace slow and steady, making sure to remain in the moment and not think about the next day’s race. His record broke that of Japanese runner Akinori Kusuda, who ran 52 consecutive races. At age 65.

If Mr. Engels 9,569 miles teach us anything, it’s that the only thing holding us back is the belief in ourselves. If you are able to conquer the mental obstacles that stand in the way of yourself and action, then the physical obstacles don’t stand a chance. We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. It’s time that we start to prove it. And it all begins with a single step.

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