by Ang Reynolds, Spartan Pro Team

The Monterey beast is the last beast of the year and the newest add to the Reebok Spartan Race west coast race series. Monterey will be the last chance for competitive athletes to earn coveted beast points before the world championship race in Killington, Vermont. The pre-race email warns of the steep terrain that Monterey offers. The buzz within the Spartan build crew is that this race will likely be the toughest race of the year besides Killington. Be ready for a cool summer climate, tough climbs, and unrelenting obstacles.

Everyone is anticipating the Northern California race. Stephen Sinek, The Painted Warrior, will be racing. He is the current leader in open points and will be out on course likely doing multiple laps training for his appearance in the Ultra Beast next month. The biggest team of the 2012 Spartan season the Weeple Army, led by Dave Huckle, promises to lead the largest team charge at this race once again. The Weeple Army will be out in numbers and ready to rock their open heat.

After a disappointing loss in the Pacific Northwest sprint championship last weekend, Spartan Pro Team member April Luu will be back in Monterey looking for the win but will face tough competition with fellow Pro Team member Rose-Marie Jarry. The absence of Amelia Boone and Ty Clark might be just the thing that Luu and Jarry are looking for to get the top podium spot.

Other Spartan women to look out for include Raegan Chambers, Jolene Wilkinson, Spartan Pro Team member Corinne Kohlen, and Danielle Ross. Danielle podiumed in Washougal last weekend, completing multiple laps at the race in anticipation for her acceptance in the ultra beast. A win in Monterey will likely propel her into the Spartan Elite top 10. On the men’s side, Hobie Call, will be looking for another win to secure his spot at the top of the elite point series. You can count on Spartan Pro Team men Hunter Mcintyre, Miguel Medina, and Elliot Megquier to chase him down and promise an unrelenting pace. Other Spartan men to watch for include Joe Kauder and Walter Schmidt.

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