by Carrie Adams

6a00d8341c84c753ef0134876fa0ee970c-320wiLet me start this post with a loud and exasperated sigh.   It is well-known by Spartan Race blog readers that I have a deep and abiding aversion for male endurance runners who rock shorty shorts.  It’s been well documented.

Today, the controversy deepened when an ultra runner buddy of mine  told me that not only does Australia have an affinity for shorty shorts but they have their own nickname!  The are known as “stubbies”  and are quite popular with the Aussie Rules players.

His comment to me, “I won’t tell you where I rank on your shorty scale.”

So, it’s become clear that the shorties are global and in an ironic and shocking twist, the Spartan culture itself may very well be to blame.

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