by Carrie Adams

66064_167325896612508_100000052959586_573317_2931735_nWomen have always been a vital part of the Death Race history and DNA.  The women who come to the Death Race are tough, strong, capable, and smart.  Add to that line-up the undeniably bad ass Ms. Lynn Lena.  Sporting a new full sleeve of ink on the heels of her recent 41st birthday, Lena is not your typical woman by any measure. 

Like many in the DR line-up, Lynn has been training for and placing in many of the past Spartan Races, often after taking on a grueling Hurricane Heat before hand.  Her toughness is matched by her sense of humor, her kindness and generosity with fellow racers, her affection, and her supportive nature. 

304083_10150483916709186_706409185_10971285_1999777599_nLena, a Vermonter herself is heading up to Amee Farm  in June for the Death Race and she isn’t all nerves.  “I can’t wait!”  She told me with excitement. 

“I’m not feeling nerves or fear I’m just looking forward to taking it on and pushing through it one task at a time,” she continued. 

Strikingly beautiful and strong, Lena, is a competitor.  She took home third place in the Chicago Spartan Race and the Glen Rose competitive heat saw her taking home another trophy.  She keeps in shape by training hard, teaching boot camps, taking regular weighted hikes, and traveling to endurance challenges across the country, she’s preparing for what the Death Race will expose her to and she has no misconceptions of 390736_10150405577831581_504681580_8963956_2126581308_nwhat awaits.   “I know without a doubt it will be the most grueling experience I will ever have the pleasure of taking on, and I will be honored to experience it with amazing people by my side.”

A member of the Spartan Hurricane Heat inspired group the Storm Chasers, Lena has inspired women and men with her commitment to seeing things through and getting the job done. 

Lena says, “I work hard everyday trying to instill the importance of self belief in people who take my BOOTCAMP and I can’t wait to show them the power of it when put into action.” 

302362_10150338913681361_67645276360_8617593_947676361_nThoughtful and deliberate, she is preparing herself for what lies ahead physically without forgetting about the mental side of the challenge.  When asked to reflect on the experiences she’s about to face and what she’ll do when faced with the darkness, the hurt, the fatigue she says, “Don’t quit, can’t fail.” 

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