by Carrie Adams

Robyn Fuchs was just 20 years old when she lost her mother to Breast Cancer 11 years ago.  A described “badass,” Fuchs’s mother even had IWORKOUTas the license plate on her car.  The day her mother died, “Was the worst day of my life.”  She has since lived all her adult milestones without her mother by her side, “I try to honor her however and whenever I can though and I think as a new Spartan racer, I am doing just that as my love for racing continues to grow.”

Fuchs and her mother and father

Fuchs recently took on our Super Spartan in New Jersey and as we enter Breast Cancer awareness month we are reminded, often painfully of the devastation wrought by this disease.
According to online, 2012, it is estimated that among U.S. women there will be 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer, 63,300 new cases of in situ breast cancer resulting in 39,510 breast cancer deaths.  Those numbers are staggering, but there is something we can do.

Spartan Race is teaming up with Susan G. Komen in the Carolina’s for the upcoming Beast. We are dedicating the 1:30 Relay Heat, “In Honor of Breast Cancer Survivors, Family and Friends.”  Spartan Race is proud to announce that 50% of the proceeds from that heat will go back to Susan G. Komen to help fund their mission.  Spartan Race will have a tent at the Komen Expo on October 6, 2012 in Charlotte for their local race and we’ll be taking race-day signups in addition to spreading the word about Spartan.

For more information and to get registered for this special heat, click HERE.

To find out more information about the Charlotte chapter of the Susan G. Komen organization please visit: or “like” their Facebook page HERE.

Fuchs mother would have been proud, Fuchs finished her Super Spartan and even used her training to honor her fitness enthusiast mother.   “My mom was amazing…my role model.”  To read more about Robyn’s workout dedicated to her mom, click on her blog HERE.


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