SNAP Infusion is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a charity that brings health to millions of children throughout the world. Through this partnership, SNAP Infusion and Vitamin Angels will be sharing the stories of SUPERMOMS worldwide. This is the story of Annmarie Sabovick, a woman that overcame personal tragedy early in life and went on to become a Spartan Racer and kick-a** single mother!

Annmarie’s own mother passed away from terminal breast cancer at 45 years old. At the time, Annamarie’s mother’s diagnosis only gave her 2-3 months to live; however, sheer determination and a refusal to accept defeat helped her to overcome aggressive chemotherapy, countless surgical procedures and multiple hospitalizations to extend her life for another 5 years. After becoming a mother herself, Annmarie realized that her mother’s strength came from the desire to have more time with her children, despite the fact that each day meant more pain and suffering. Annmarie says that her mother was a true SUPERMOM, and the bravest woman she’s ever known.

A single mother to her 6 year old son, Tyler, Annmarie is proactive about maintaining her own health in order to ensure she’s around for him as long as possible. She says that living a healthy lifestyle and setting positive health goals is very important to her, which is why she loves to participate in Spartan Races. She’s worked to pass those values onto her son, who has begun to compete in Spartan Kids races and set fitness goals for himself.

Annmarie also recently returned to school to finish her undergraduate education, but she always finds a way to fit in training with Team Braveheart. Her preparation for Spartan Races consists of kickboxing and MMA, road running, trail running (her personal favorite!), countless burpees, and improvised workouts on all of the local playgrounds. She includes Tyler in as many training sessions as possible, and says that it’s served as a great family bonding activity. It takes a lot of effort and creativity for her to fit everything in, but it’s been an awesome journey for the both of them.

Annmarie tries to live by her mother’s example and embrace every day with strength and courage. She isn’t afraid to take on challenges, whether they’re part of Spartan Race course or in life. She thanks Team Braveheart for the support they’ve given to both her and Tyler, and looks forward to participating in many more events in the future.

Now that’s a SUPERMOM. Share the story of your supermom with SNAP Infusion, Spartan Race and Vitamin Angels #mysupermom


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Despite the blazing temperatures and the insane terrain that included seven trips up and down the mountains of Tuxedo Ridge, the 15,000 Spartans on-hand battled for the finish line. Most returning Spartans were in agreement that it was a much more difficult course than last year with steeper inclines and more difficult and technical run. The addition of some new obstacles including an inverted wall had Spartans scrambling.

The Spartan Pro team, which was announced last week, had some heavy hitters in attendance, and the first day of elite heats saw some familiar faces on the podium.

Top males were:
1. Patrick Grevelding 50:40
2. Randy Feeley 52:03
3. Elliot Megquier 52:08

Top three females included:
1. Melinda Branch 1:10:44
2. Lelya DiCori 1:12:45
3. Juliana Sproles 1:13:15

One of the larger teams in Tuxedo was Team Braveheart, a familiar crew on Spartan courses, who ran early on Saturday morning. The largest team was awarded to Team Unstoppable on Sunday morning. There was the inspirational Spartan Ilene Boyar took on the course with a team of 12 Sunday morning crossing the finish line seven and a half hours later. Ilene’s finish is monumental as she suffers from brittle bone disease and completed the course on crutches. There wasn’t a dry eye when she crossed the finish line.

We’re not done with you yet, Tuxedo. For the first time in Spartan history, we will be returning to Tuxedo Ridge for a second weekend of racing this Saturday, June 8th, thousands of Spartans will be descending on the venue for another shot at Spartan glory. Will you be there?

Get registered HERE.


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by Carrie Adams

I received an email from Jen Rosant, the team captain of Gaspari’s Team Braveheart, and I wanted to share it with the Spartan Race community for a few reasons.  First, I know Jen personally and she is one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met.  A survivor in every sense of the word, a motivator of the masses, and a living embodiment of the best of what Spartan is about.  Not new to Spartan Races, Jen has brought a team with her, her beloved Bravehearts, in bigger and bigger droves race to race.  When the weather was falling apart in New Jersey, when the hills were breaking the toughest of Spartan competitors, and when the miles weighed long and hard on the competitors last weekend, Jen was still powering forward, still motivating, still inspiring her team, many of whom were racing for the first time that day.

Jen Rosant

Jen Rosant, team leader of the Bravehearts is a 35 year old from Cliffwood Beach, NJ was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis ten years ago while in college and received the devastating news that her colon was in danger of rupturing or she would develop cancer that would ultimately kill her.  She suffered from kidney stones, received blood transfusions and had major surgery that showed she had developed PSC or Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.  She had a colostomy bag and a promise of a liver transplant for over three months until they could finally reverse the process.  She took painstaking visits to the hematologist for over two years every week spending hours in a chair getting IVs of chemotherapy and injections for cancer-related anemia. She ultimately faced a new diagnosis of Chrohn’s disease and despite the trauma, she’s been lucky enough to NOT need a liver transplant.

Jen, a member of Team Gaspari alongside her Bravehearts, has been taking Gaspari Nutrition products herself and has never felt better or been in better shape.  She’s able to do upwards of 35 events in one year – that’s pretty impressive for someone who weighed in at 100 pounds a few short years ago.  It’s just one of the many reasons why we love our partnership with Gaspari Nutrition.

They conquered the Spartan Race course that day, led by Jen, committed to one another and committed to finishing the course they’d been training for and they found their Spartan finish line.  We honor them, their accomplishment on race day, their dedication to training and to one another and we thank them for being an integral part of the fabric that makes up the tapestry of our Spartan community.

Here is her email:

Hello Carrie.

I cannot even begin to explain the impact that Spartan Race has created for Team Braveheart.  I have been contacted by each individual. They laughed, they cried, they shared their stories of triumph.  More importantly, we changed their lives.  They are making new goals, registering for more Spartans and they are begging me for more workouts in my Braveyard. The energy is high, the smiles are large and right now Team Braveheart feels like they can accomplish anything. Really, your team put together a challenge I couldn’t even imagine. Even with a few handfuls of events under my belt, this was one of the most difficult challenges to date. Yes, pinch me, I’m living a dream. I feel fantastic and so does my team. It’s contagious. Our posts, pictures and videos have not only inspired all of us but the people around us are ready to make changes too. Today, 4 people asked me about Spartan Race.  The words on the street, the fire is in their eyes, people are ready, and they are ready for real results and happiness.  The amount of letters, calls and texts are unbelievable.  I promise you this, you will see Team Braveheart again, you will see them at many of your events, but next year’s Tri-State you better get us a bigger tent, I plan on bringing 100+ Bravehearts with a larger drive than this year.  “If you don’t believe us, try and beat us” 

Jen Rosant.  

Jen’s Motivational Speech

Read Jen’s post about their experience HERE: Team Braveheart comes LOUD.


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by Carrie Adams

Team Braveheart, a Team Gaspari crew, is heading to New Jersey for yet another Spartan Race.  When Team Braveheart shows up, you KNOW it’s going to be a good time!  Rolling 77 deep this time around, they are one of our largest teams in 2012 and we’re excited to have them take on our super course, that in recent days has had several black bear sightings!  Yikes!  Talk about being brave!  They’ll have company in their ten o’clock heat, UFC fighter Jim Miller will also be taking on the Spartan course.  We told you all about his home state appearance in a blog post earlier this week.

Gaspari has been a sponsorship partner for Spartan Race throughout 2012 and Official Gaspari Nutrition® has handed out over 50,000 FREE drawstring mesh bags to our racers throughout the year with samples of their products. We’ve seen people fill these bags with sand or rocks and use in their workouts. We’ve seen Spartans use them as a place to carry their gym clothes or muddy shoes after a race!  They’ll be on hand as a title sponsor in the Tri-State and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Here Jen Rosant, coach of Team Braveheart talks about how they are feeling going into this weekend’s Super Spartan event.

With only one day remaining before the Spartan Race, Team Braveheart is fired up and more lively than I have ever seen them!  For many, we have been training for over a year.  For some, this will be their first obstacle race.  The excitement and anticipation in the air is thick, but the real magic lies in our enthusiasm. It’s the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. This team is ready for one of the biggest challenges of our lives!  We are ready to take on our fears. We are ready to conquer the mud, fire and extreme ice cold mountain water. 

The Spartan folks are creative and we know they will design the most intense battlefield. We have been working extremely hard and we are ready to test our physical strength and mental resolve. We come large. We come loud! We come as a beast of a team!  Boasting a squad of 77+ Bravehearts, I plan on leading them through an experience which will only improve their vision, patience, persistence, courage and confidence.

Braveheart Danielle said, “I’m so ready for this Saturday, I’m a little scared but I know my team will pump me up and get me through this. I’m doing every obstacle, I don’t care if I fall, I’m getting back up and finishing!”

Being a part of Team Braveheart has been an amazing experience for many members.  “To be a Braveheart means that not only do you have the fortitude to try something new and challenging, but it means that you have a family of support right behind you to give you that extra push, high-five and that extra drive when you hear the Braveheart chant,” said Braveheart Jared.

Braveheart Greg says, “Being a Braveheart means to have an attitude and strength like no other. It has changed my life for the better. I see so many Bravehearts who never accept defeat and they always finish. I have learned so much.” Braveheart Manda said, “Being a part of Braveheart makes you a better person, not just athletically, but because you cannot help but be a kinder, gentler, more determined individual. Positivity radiates throughout this amazing group and anyone who encounters us is moved and affected in a way that has been described as life changing.”

Bravehearts push each other, motivate, inspire and genuinely care for each other. It reads in their eyes but most importantly you can see it out on the course. The Super Spartan Race is a challenge we have prepped for and are anxious to accomplish.  Braveheart Dave B said, “This race is another chance to push the limits, to change the routine and up the ante.” Team Braveheart faces daily challenges every day and they do not let anything get in their way. Braveheart Bryant was told he may never walk again after he was attacked by a metal baseball bat in college and spent 2 months in a coma. He has 14 plates in his head and many other terrible ailments, but today his perseverance and involvement with Team Braveheart has given him the extra drive to compete in his 2nd Spartan Race.  He told me, “I’m excited for Spartan; I can’t believe it’s been a year, I’m stronger, faster and I get the chance to race against younger, stronger and faster athletes. I’m looking forward to testing myself against the best and break through my own walls.” Braveheart Jeanette said, “Defeat is not an option, not for myself or any of my teammates, it means I will give more than I got.”

Just to cross the finish line is the main goal for most of the team.  To wear the finisher medal proudly will mean the world to most.  Braveheart Ivette said, “This Spartan Race will be my first race and definitely not my last.  I am excited and anxious to put my physical abilities to the test. I am doing this for me because I want it and because I can! I want to inspire my kids to be active, fit and healthy.” Braveheart Mechelle said, “The greatest challenge for me this year at Spartan will be those obstacles challenging my upper body strength but I’m confident with our Braveheart trainings and Gaspari Nutrition’s amazing products I will improve and finish with a higher level of achievement than I did last year. I can’t wait to run with our team, the energy is going to be ridiculous.”  Braveheart Jayson said, “The Spartan Race is the one race I look forward to every year.  I can’t wait to be with my team, my family!  I’m excited for the atmosphere, the challenges, the uncertainty and of course the beer!”

Team Braveheart is coming fierce! Together, we work towards creating positive change in one another every day of our lives. It’s not just about fitness. It’s about self-worth, integrity, passion, inspiration and the drive to live strong.  We were born to take on The Spartan and blessed to have found one another to take on the battle with!  You’ll see us Saturday braving our red and black proud… and when you hear that Braveheart warrior cry, find security knowing you are surrounded by some of the most incredible people you could ever encounter! We’ll see you out there!  Be brave enough to recognize your strengths and take on your challenges!  Go Team Braveheart!

Team Braveheart will be warming up and cooling down at the Official Gaspari Nutrition® tent which will be located near the Finish Line. Be sure to stop by their tent, meet their team and check out some of the products available at the Gaspari tent! See you this weekend!







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by Carrie Adams

Team Braveheart, Staten Island 2011

Since the arrival of Spartan Races on the scene in 2010, we’ve been grateful to hear from our racing community on how Spartan Races are changing lives and inspiring those who take on the challenge.  More and more participants are choosing to take on our races in teams.  Inspiring one another not just on the race course but in training for the upcoming races.  One our our 2012 partners, Gaspari Nutrition, features a team known as Team Braveheart that is led by a very special woman, Jen Rosant.  Jen Rosant brought her team to Staten Island in 2011 and plans on returning to several Spartan Races with her incredible team.  They exemplify the Spartan spirit, never giving up, never leaving one another behind, and committing to much more than just one race, but a lifestyle of getting off the couch and getting out on the course.

Rosant said of their Staten Island experience, “On September 24th 2011, Team Braveheart confronted Sparta in Staten Island, NY.  The Super Spartan challenged us, exhausted us and changed our lives! In the end, our hearts felt ripped out but there was nothing like the feeling of VICTORY and honor to wear the Spartan Finisher Medal! The Spartan Race has energy about it unlike any other competition.  Here you could truly find the meaning of your strength, your courage, your beliefs and most of all YOURSELF!  Team Braveheart’s goal is to motivate the world while The Spartan Race is taking over the world! (A great match) Bring on the fire, mud and insane obstacles- “The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.”

We are proud to have such motivated and inspiring individuals coming to our courses time and time again in search of the Spartan finish line!  You can read Jen’s blog HERE about all Team Braveheart’s adventures!

You can also check out Gaspari’s sponsored WOD’s every Monday night on our blog and on FB!

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