[Editor’s Note: Irene Mallano, author of Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes recently took on the Staten Island Super Spartan with her teammates inspiring her friends and family in the process.]

by Irene Mallano

309129_259300997441735_100000855117589_736014_421652255_nI always try to inspire people in all that I do, so I am VERY excited to share my thoughts on how you can do anything you set your mind too, regardless of age or size. In the beginning of the year I knew this was the BIG 40 for me, so after watching the biggest loser #10, I was inspired by Alfredo “Frado” Dinten on the show from my hometown and said I am going to follow that path. Every time I would see any type of endurance race I would think OMG I could never do that! If you look up the word athlete I surely would not be there, but I do know you’ll find me listed under determination…and now as a Spartan Chick! yeah’

Every day has its own challenges as we push ourselves to overcome the best we can. Having a daughter with Juvenile Diabetes I know this first hand, so when she said, Mommy “I want to do the juinor race because I know I can”, I said sure. It is a great feeling to know that at 9yrs old she has already learned to NEVER let anything stop you from trying, plus she finished in 12th place.

I had the honor to run with Team_Frado in the NY Super Spartan. During one of the mud runs I met two angels, BL season #8 winner Danny Cahill and his beautiful wife Darcy in which we instantly connected and was proud to run alongside till the last obstacle. Spartan is about so much more than a race, it is an opportunity to get out of your comfort box and feel a level of accomplishment that you never knew existed. The term “You’ll know at the finish line” can truly only be explained by going through it. There is a surreal and empowering feeling as you complete each obstacle and move on not knowing what is ahead but having the confidence you’ll make it through. We emulate what we see, and our children see us as positive role models, which is important to their future. Don’t wait for something, to start something… Just take the 1st step!

If you are reading this and think you can’t do the Spartan Race, you can…and you won’t know unless you try. Go for it! In January I started by walking, by April I was running. In June, I did my first Triathlon with my childhood best friend, Miki and now I can say I finished the NY Super Spartan in September. What’s next, who knows? I might just be addicted to living life to the fullest….

Irene & Madison Mallano ~ NY Super Spartan Finisher’s
Authors of “Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes?”

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