by Carrie Adams


In 2012, Spartan Race is giving you yet another reason to get dirty. We’re excited to announce our rad new sponsor; Dial® for Men. Over the course of the 2012 season, Dial will make it their mission to aid you in your quest for filthy glory. Not to mention, aid in cleaning you up afterwards.

Not sure how to get started? We’ll make it easy for you. In honor of our of our new friends at Dial® For Men and their never-ending mission to keep you clean, we give you the five steps to becoming a master of mud.

1. Find a Spartan Race. There are 36. Here’s the website: Get your friends, gather around a computer or your smart phone and get signed up. Teams save some green when they sign up together DSC_7035so the bigger the better. (Plus, scaling an 8 foot wall by standing on your boyfriend’s/boss’s/brother’s/wife’s back is way more fun.) Size matters, and the largest teams are winning big in 2012.

2. Sign up. If you don’t sign up, it will cost you. More cash for one thing, the earlier you register the cheaper the cost. It will also cost you your bad ass card. Spartan up, and SRTX_MB_2592register. You won’t regret it. Training starts now. Get our WOD’s to help you get ready. Free to your inbox every night.

3. Show up. You did the hard part by signing up and training hard. Now it’s time to have fun. Have you seen the obstacles? Fire jumping, spear throwing, wall climbing, barbed wire, mud pits, bucket carries… toe the line and run like hell.

BND_42194. Never Give Up. When you’re halfway through the course and your lungs are burning and your legs are cramping, just think about the bragging rights! Think of the story you’ll regale your co-workers with Monday morning around the water cooler, medal hanging from your neck. And you’ll have photographic evidence. ALL DIGITAL PRINTS ARE FREE IN 2012. That’s right. All your muddy, mucky Spartan glory will be immortalized forever on film in high resolution. So find that finish line.

5. Clean Up. With Dial® For Men supplying the soapy goodness, men and women alike will be squeaky clean in no time post-race and showing off your battle scars. Nothing hotter than a chick with a barbed wire scratch or a guy with a bruise the size of a dinner plate on his back.

2012 is the year to get dirty.


Active Sport

Dial® for Men brand is thrilled to sponsor Spartan Race in 2012 as a part of our continued support of muck masters around the country in their quest for muddy glory. With products engineered to deliver the cleanest clean this side of anywhere, we have no doubt that we can combat the toughest grime the obstacles of Spartan Race have to offer. So carry on Spartan warriors: Get Your Dirt On. We’ll Get It Off.®

Find Dial for Men on Facebook.

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by Carrie Adams

Why build a Spartan Race Team in 2012? 

When it comes to Spartan Races… size matters.

clip_image002The bigger the better… teams that is. And YOURS can win big in 2012!

You can run a Spartan Race alone, but how else will your tales of scaling walls, leaping fire and dispatching Spartan gladiators wielding giant pugil sticks be told unless your friends are by your side? (Those same friends will know you started crying under the barbed wire, but that’s another story.) clip_image004

Running as a team makes it an incredible experience for everyone involved and there are obstacles you will want friends by your side.  You’ve seen our walls, right?  You will also enjoy having someone to hug and/or carry you off at the finish line.

DSC_7425Spartan is rewarding the biggest teams with some sweet prizes.

Here’s how it’s going down:

The Biggest Team at Each 2012 Event is eligible to win our Grand Prize and race for free in 2013. No special codes or complications required. Just sign up as a team when you register.

Grand Prize

The Team Captain of the biggest Team in 2012 gets travel expenses (airfare/ hotel) and race entry to EVERY Spartan Event in 2013.* That’s right. EVERY EVENT.

Don’t worry we’re spreading the love at each race. The biggest team at EACH race is winning big too.

  • · One FREE race entry per person for 2013 race
  • · VIP Treatment on Race Day
  • · Free entry into the Hurricane Heat

clip_image006* Captain does not have to attend every race, but can send one athlete in his/her place.  

** To be eligible you MUST be registered as a Team.  You don’t need to be in the same heat, just need to be on the same team roster when we close registration.  

The winning teams will be determined once registration closes and announced on race day. 2012 Grand Prize winner will be announced when registration closes for our final event in 2012.

So hit the gym, your office, your school, or the bar down the street… rip your friends and family off their couches and get signed up!

Discounts still apply, so you get to save some cold hard cash too!

Register as a Team Captain and add Team members, or Join an Existing Team! The more people you can get to join your team, the more money you will get in your pocket! Team rebates are as follows:

  • Teams of 4-15 members each receive a $5 rebate.
  • Teams of 16-29 members each receive a $10 rebate.
  • Teams of 30+ members each receive a $15 rebate.

Note: Rebate will occur at registration’s end and will be applied to the method of payment for that specific registration (i.e. whatever credit card you used).

Visit for registration details.

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