by Carrie Adams

As Spartan Race prepares to enter Fenway for what will be the FIRST Obstacle Race in the beloved ballpark, we thought we should tell you all about what makes the park unique in its 100th year!

I enlisted the help of my friend and fellow Spartan Chick Bostonian, Andrea Piscopo for some insider facts the on one of the most cherished sporting landmarks in the United States.

Built in April 1912, America’s most beloved Ballpark also known as Fenway Park is the home to the Boston Red Sox. There are many unique features to this beloved and historic park that make it so wonderful.   It first opened its doors in 1912, but the ballpark was not complete.  There was only seating in centerfield bleachers, right field grandstand and main grandstand. The main grandstand still stands today.

In 1934 Tom Yawkey purchased Fenway Park, he would make some changes – a giant wall was erected…and years later it was painted green to match the rest of the ball park, it was then that the “Green Monster” was born. You will also see a ladder on the Green Monster, it no longer serves a purpose, but it used to be there to climb and retrieve home run balls from the netting. Another gift left from the Yawkey’s was Morse code on the scoreboard – the code stands for the initials of Thomas A. Yawkey and Jean R. Yawkey; former owners of Fenway Park. This scoreboard is still updated by hand from inside.

Two great’s from Sox history: Johnny Pesky and Ted Williams…There right field foul pole named after the great Johnny Pesky, who hit a game winning home run around the foul pole. As for Teddy Ballgame, Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 – it is painted red in honor of the longest home run ever in the park; 502 feet from home plate.

How’s that for a Spartan challenge?  See you at the ballpark!

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