by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

WOD: How many push-ups can you consistently do each minute for one hour?
Easy to start doing 10 a minute…but can your finish? 600?

She Says: “Are you kidding me?  It’s race day!”


Wet suit to heels... it's all training!

Part of WOD is that as athletes we have events that come up during training and we have to take care of ourselves and prepare effectively for our racing days.  I did not do the pushups today in lieu of a little triathlon instead.  As I said yesterday, I took Saturday off to taper – I did go for a brisk walk – I wanted to have some body movement but low impact to save my legs.

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Reaching New Peaks: Andy Weinberg

by Carrie Adams

Growing up in Peoria, IL, Andy Weinberg, 41, always loved the water.  He swam competitively in high school and college, and when he did his first triathlon in high school, he fell in love.  At the time there weren’t many people doing them, and after college Andy spent a couple years really hitting the triathlon circuit.  He burnt out with swimming after a few years and decided to focus on running instead.  Admittedly never “super-fast,” he trained consistently and did 11 marathons in one year alone.

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