by Maurya Scanlon

Spartan Tweeter Maven MScan had her first Spartan Race Encounter at the Tuxedo, NY event on June 4, 2011.  She shares her story and race report.  Once the swelling goes down and the bruises heal, we expect she’ll be ready for another.  We hear she’s taking on The Beast, in Vermont.

I am now officially a Spartan.


MScan and Steve Vanderbilt

I’ve spent so much time tweeting about Spartan Race and promoting the race, that I figured I should run one and actually join Spartan Nation. Going into it I knew what to expect, because of my relationship and affiliation with the company. I knew the obstacles that Spartan Race is famous for, and I knew that Hobie Call would absolutely cream the competition (which he did). What I did NOT know however, is that Spartan Race adapts itself very well to the different venues. The course was designed to use the landscape in the best way possible to  clobber the racers.  I’ll show you pictures of my knees to prove it.  Seriously, it’s gross.

There was no easing into this monster race.  It began with the steepest hill known to mankind (or so I thought at the time). To put it in perspective, we were running UP a ski slope.

I said to myself “MScan, take it easy, you’ve got a ways to go after you climb this hill.” A light jog did the trick. I got through the first couple of obstacles, over-under-through walls, monkey bars, etc. with a little difficulty but I was enjoying every minute of it.   Then it appeared in front of me…. the eight foot wall.   We were expected to hoist ourselves over this behemoth wall with only one foothold maybe three feet off the ground to help. I’m 5’3 ½” on a good day. It took two people and one near-death experience to get me over that wall, but I did it and then I took off running to catch the big, muscley men who beat me through the obstacle.

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