by Edward A. Puente

On July 15 around 5:20 a.m. I was stabbed twice. Once to my left abdomen and once to my left chest in Austin, Tx while intervening on an attack on a friend. We were ending the night after celebrating a friend’s birthday. I was in my second week of Nursing School then. I went through surgery and a blood transfusion, stitches and staples. Due to my injuries and lack of mobility I was forced to drop the nursing program and I was unable to work as well. I lay in bed many days unable to move and depressed for sometime. Losing weight and muscle.

One of those days I was surfing the web trying to find a race that would motivate me to get back into running and shape overall. I stumbled across Spartan Race. Just seeing the obstacles and how many different people, some with limitations were pushing themselves beyond what one could not imagine. It seemed like fun.

Ever since I came across Spartan Race not one day went by when I didn’t check out the WOD or any new uploaded videos or Facebook status. I was constantly thinking about the Texas Sprint this May 2013. My first Spartan Race!

I attended a workout with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena in Austin after seeing a FB post about him being in Austin with his crew to workout anyone willing to show up. It was a last minute trip so there wasn’t a lot of advanced notice. When I showed up there was only one other guy. The other guy Todd Kemper had driven 50 miles for the chance to meet Joe as well.

We experienced a dose of the Hurricane Heat, which I had no idea what that was, and it was intense and amazing. I found something inside myself I didn’t know was there. We worked out with sandbags, a bucket full of sand, the slosh pipe and not to mention countless burpees! Some with the sandbags plus the running. When I thought it was over, it wasn’t…Never before had I done more than 20 burpees in a row and here Joe D was making us do 100 burpees straight in what I later found was only the MIDDLE of by far the toughest workout of my life to date!
I laughed when he said 100 burpees. That laugh didn’t last long. He was for real!

I really believed he was going to stop us and say something like, “Ok guys bring it in and let’s cool down.” I was absolutely sure of it, but he didn’t! Now, I’m so glad he didn’t. This guy knows that there’s a part in every one of us that does not know defeat just waiting to be found out. These people are amazing and fun. They get it. Now fully recovered and training since January, I’m ready to devour 2013! No doubt I’m completing the trifecta and aiming on a chance for the Ultra Beast this year. Will probably never stop saying, “AROO” for as long as I live.

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