By Carrie Adams

Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca Hansen isn’t your average 49-year-old mother of three daughters. Unless racing Double Ironman Events, Death Races, and 100+ mile ultras are average. The marketing strategist and fitness trainer from Naples, Florida is charging forward with her life, living it to the fullest and making her own rules as she goes.

“I hate it when people say you can’t do it,” she says when talking about training for so many varied endurance events. “Yes, I am simultaneously training for a Double Ironman, Ironman, the Death Race, and my standard 100 milers. They are all very different races but they are all my races.”

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Reaching New Peaks: Andy Weinberg

by Carrie Adams

Growing up in Peoria, IL, Andy Weinberg, 41, always loved the water.  He swam competitively in high school and college, and when he did his first triathlon in high school, he fell in love.  At the time there weren’t many people doing them, and after college Andy spent a couple years really hitting the triathlon circuit.  He burnt out with swimming after a few years and decided to focus on running instead.  Admittedly never “super-fast,” he trained consistently and did 11 marathons in one year alone.

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