by Carrie Adams

Twenty-five-year-old Jon Wheson watched the movie 300 the night before the Super Spartan in Miami (April 23, 2011) to get pumped up about the race.  A conversation with a friend in England about obstacle races had gotten him interested and after some research online, he had signed up for the Warrior Dash and the Spartan Race.   The 5k Warrior Dash came first, just a few months ago in Miami.  He recalls, “It was challenging at the time, but not as challenging as I thought it would be.”  Enter the Super Spartan.  In the video Wheson filmed on race day, he admits before the start, “I checked out the course already and am a little nervous because it looks a lot harder than the last one, but here we go.”

Wheson recounts his experience at the Miami Super Spartan in the video below.  It shows his struggles as he gets lost, traverses land obstacles, crosses water obstacles, climbs cargo nets and walls, agonizes over the distance and ultimately emerges a Spartan after eight tough miles.  “Around mile five I was thinking I hate this and I can’t possibly do this again, but when I crossed the finish line I couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’ll see you guys next year.”

Yes, we will, Jon, and we’ll be bigger and badder than ever.  Bring your camera.


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