By Spartan Pro Team Member: David Magida

The Washington, DC Spartan Sprint is in the books, and what a phenomenal race it was. Competitors encountered 4.8 miles of rocky trails, challenging obstacles and mud. Lots and lots of mud. The kind of mud with the consistency of wet peanut butter and clings to the shoes, making the feet slow and heavy.

The event featured a mud pit swim in the middle of the Over, Under, Through obstacle, followed by a long run through a creek bed. Just about a mile in racers encountered a gauntlet including the Inverted Wall, the Heavy Tire Drag, the muddiest barbed wire crawl in recent memory, a cargo net climb and the obstacle that gave people the most trouble all day, the Hercules Hoist.

David Magida First Place Finish Washington DCThe rest of the course was full of rocky, muddy trails with rolling hills, interspersed with a sandbag carry, a rugged tractor pull, and rolling mud pits that were nearly impossible to escape. Factor in a very muddy traverse wall and a spear throw right after and this course was a recipe for many, many burpees.

Spartan Pro Team Athlete, Orla Walsh, finished first in the women’s race, blazing through the course in a time of 53:03. Next across the line were rising star Corinna Coffin (54:31) and Amanda Auger (56:34). This was Orla’s first victory of the season and her 4th podium finish in 2014.

On the men’s side, Spartan Pro Team Athlete and local favorite David Magida crossed the line in first place. Magida completed the course in a time of 42:12 for his 3rd victory of the 2014 season. He was followed by McCauley Kraker  (46:00) and Kevin Donoghue (46:24).

Herc Hoist Spartan Race Sprint Washington DCWith the DC race a wrap, Spartan Race stops next in Washougal, WA for the Pacific NW Sprint this weekend for another NBC Sports televised event.

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About the Author: David Magida is a DC native, a member of the Spartan Race Pro Team, and the General Manager of Elevate Interval Fitness. He has run over 60 obstacle races in his career. 

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After years of waiting, Washington, DC will finally host a Spartan Race. Well, actually, Maryland will, but the District is buzzing about the opportunity to compete in the “Washington, DC Spartan Sprint.”

The only other time DC had a race this close was the 2012 Super Spartan in Leesburg, VA, an extra long, 10.5-mile course featuring a 400 meter tractor pull and a mile that contained over 30 horse hurdles.

David Magida will look to add to his podium count.

The course this weekend, however, should be quite different. Hosted in Charlotte Hall, MD, the 4-5 mile course is expected to be hot, hilly and full of trail running. But if you’re reading this hoping for some clues as to what to expect this week, don’t hold your breath. Whether we get the twists of a super long tractor pull, an extended log carry, or even a surprise bucket brigade at the end of the course, like we had in Pennsylvania, is to be determined. At Spartan Race, prepare for the unexpected.

The one thing you can expect, of course, is top-notch competition. And this race is no exception. On the women’s side, look for up-and-coming stars Orla Walsh and Corinna Coffin to battle it out for victory. On the men’s side, Brakken Kraker, Elliott Megquier and Kevin Donoghue are prepared to challenge for the win. Stephen Vassallo, fresh off his 3rd place finish on Sunday in Pennsylvania, will be looking to contend for another spot on the podium. And look for DC local David Magida, the champion on Saturday and Sunday from the Atlanta race, to shoot for another victory on his home turf.

After the race Magida will be running the course again with Team Elevate, a group of Spartan Training clients from his Washington, DC training facility, Elevate Interval Fitness, who have spent the last three months preparing with him for this event. For most of them, this will be their first Spartan Race, but they have embraced the challenge and are eager to prove themselves and earn the title of “Spartan.”

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On July 26th, the Spartan Race empire will descend on Washington DC, bringing with it barbed wire, fire and a whole lot of pain. Given that we’ll be in the nation’s capital, we thought we’d make it a little more interesting. Not content with pushing racers around a course that will inevitably lead to burpees by way of all manner of horrific obstacles, the course is set to be on a motorcross stage. That’s right. What normally requires a motorbike will be done by thousands of crazy individuals using only their bodies. You didn’t expect this to be easy now, did you?

Set in the grounds of the Wicomico Motorsports Park, you should be ready for terrain that simply won’t leave you alone. It’ll be harsh, uneven and almost certainly muddy. This is what we do, so if this will be your first race, get used to it very quickly, as while it’ll beat you down, you’ll want to do it all over again when you finish. Spartan Races have an odd habit of doing that.

Wicomico: Hopefully your engine will be comparable.

Remember that while the course will of course have water stations, you will want to prepare yourself with fluids and sunscreen. Washington DC has a habit of hitting the 90’s in July, so please consider some kind of lotion and hat. Those of you with devices that hold water like packs or belts will certainly want to make use of them. There is a little shading by way of the trees, but don’t count on them being part of the course. We may use those trails, we may not. You’ll find out on the day.

For those wishing to make a road trip to what will be a very exciting event, the first priority would have to be that of accommodation. Thankfully, well within driving distance is the great city of Washington and have very neatly organized a list of hotels and places to stay that mean you can rest up before and after putting yourself through some Hellish miles of barbed wire, rocks, ropes and fires. On offer are hostels with prices as low as $24, right through to the somewhat more spacious and luxurious hotels that carry a weightier price tag.

If you’re flying in and need a rental car, this a full and comprehensive list of options laid out very easily by right here, so you may like to check that out if you plan to make a long weekend of your stay. Frankly, why wouldn’t you? With so much history, it would be a missed opportunity if you failed to take in some of the more famous sights and monuments in Washington. The Capitol Building, The Jefferson Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Washington Monument and of course The White House. There are many other places to visit and see, so check out links like this one from factmonster or this one from traveltips. Naturally, if you’re with the kids, they’re going to need something that’ll stimulate them as much as the Spartan Kids Race.

History oozes from the very pores of Washington.

Water Parks, County Fairs, outdoor recreation like zip lining and rope courses can all be found within the area. Click here for a guide put together by to keep the little ones amused while the parents or guardians can also join in, should they want to. How much energy are you going to have spare after tearing up the course, anyway?

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, why gamble on something that might not be as good as it looks and let the locals help you. With a thorough and complete guide – with reviews – of restaurants in all the boroughs, there’s almost certainly going to be something there for you.

So, continue with your training (you’re going to need it) and we’ll see you in Washington for the Sprint.

See you at the finish line!

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