While America still wrestles with the idea of universal health care and many still groan at the idea of having to remortgage the house because little Billy needs an in-growing toenail removed, think yourselves lucky we live in an age where buttock cupping isn’t considered normal practice. Well, perhaps it is where you live, but let’s all agree it’s not considered normal, yes?

The Wellcome Library – one of the world’s leading collections of medical history – has made over 100,000 images freely available of etchings and drawings of a bygone era where medicine wasn’t perhaps quite as advanced as it is today.

With a few teasing glimpses already having been shown on the BBC, many sketches by none other than Goya and Van Gogh are available for downloading via the Wellcome website.

No talk of Paleo this or vegan that. Just health practices that are equal parts humorous and sometimes just a touch horrifying. Click here if your curiosity is getting the better of you.

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