by Carrie Adams

We’ve continued to receive inspired stories from our female athletes.  Here is the story of another… Beth Chapin Doblado.  Her story is one that will resonate with many who are venturing out, starting over, and finding hope in and community in Spartan Races.

IMG_4230I am running my first Spartan Race in So Cal 11 days from today. I will be celebrating my 46th birthday and Super Spartan will be a benchmark in my life. In 2010 I left my home and separated from my husband after two decades together. I walked away from the life I had built and at age 44 found myself starting all over again. I felt very alone, my world turned upside down and my heart wrung inside out.

With the support of my girlfriends, I made it through. To build my confidence I challenged myself with new experiences and took risks, stepping outside my comfort zone. I had to prove to myself I was strong. I began to run, hit the gym, and sweat. The fitness part of my life became my daily therapy, a way of life. I found strength inside me I never knew I had. I dug deep daily, muscles burning, limbs shaking, and I felt alive.

Once I felt fit, I put myself to the test. I ran my first 5k and finished in the top 20. I am notIMG_4276 a runner, or at least I didn’t think I was a runner. But there I was running, and feeling strong. And now I have signed up for Spartan So Cal. And that is a story in itself.

I announced on my Facebook wall that I wanted to run Super Spartan So Cal (my mother thought I was insane) and I invited all my friends to join my team. Before I knew it I had two friends from High School traveling to So Cal to join me. Then we grew to four, and today we are a team of eight women sharing our training and preparing to race together. I am so excited I could scream, but I will save that for race day.

Two years ago I was wrecked and scared. Today I am standing tall, fit, strong, and ready to be Spartan Chicked.

Bring it on.

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    Right On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you go girl…I am 44, a horsewoman too! and just found Sparten today…my goal for this year…I want one of those medals!!!

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    Your story is very inspiring, not too many people would be courageous enough to start a new adventure later in life. Hope all is well and I wish your team the best of luck. See you there!!!!

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    Love your story! I’m doing my first race at 43 in March, Spartan Sprint in Charlotte. You are an inspiration!

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    well i am glad i looked at this page. I am 46 and signed up for a spartan race in july in Pa. just becuase i want to make myself have some rason to run and get in shape. I try work out but with out a reason other than it’s good for you i seem to let it go. I joined a race now i am running up hills as fast as i can. I am kind of keeping the race to myself becuase people will think i am crazy but maybe i should try to get a team together.

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    let us know how you made out at the race.

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